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Domino’s overshadows competition with zero-click mobile ordering, incentivized Instagram game

Domino’s Pizza is significantly raising the bar for quick service restaurant chains innovating in mobile with advancements this week that include the launch of a zero-click ordering application and a branded Instagram game that leads players to a promotional code.

The pizza chain is bringing new convenience to mobile ordering by enabling customers to download the new Zero Click app and link it to their existing Pizza Profile, letting them automatically re-order favorite meals each time the app is opened. Additionally, Domino’s is making waves in its social media strategy with its four-stage Instagram game, which allows players to collect one letter from each level and combine them to spell out a discount code for 20 percent off a future purchase.

“Instagram was the perfect platform to continue the story of our purpose-built delivery vehicle, the DXP (Delivery Expert),” said Kate Trumbull, director of precision marketing at Domino’s. “We were drawn to use Instagram in a unique and interactive way, beyond how it’s used traditionally to post pictures and videos.

“The DXP itself was born out of Domino’s passion for innovation, starting with a five-stage crowdsourcing competition that culminated in a delivery vehicle that includes a warming oven and the capacity to hold up to 80 pizzas,” she said. “What better way to celebrate that innovation than with an engaging and creative game that allows consumers to learn more about and experience the DXP for themselves?”

Streamlined ordering made possible
Domino’s, which has previously demonstrated its commitment to pushing out ordering options with as few steps as possible, is now introducing the most simple way for customers to pay for their favorite pizzas: zero-click ordering.

Consumers may download the Zero Click app for their Android or iOS devices to start taking advantage of the Easy Order tool. Once the app has been downloaded, users must link it to their existing Domino’s Pizza Profile, which saves all of their favorite orders.

Each time the Zero Click app is opened on a smartphone, it will prompt the Easy Order to be automatically re-ordered without asking consumers to tap, swipe or click anything. The app will display a 10-second countdown until the order goes through, giving individuals ample opportunity to cancel it in case of a mistake.

With so many marketers attempting to streamline the mobile ordering process as much as possible – partly in a bid to drive impulse purchases – Domino’s strategy will likely send serious shockwaves throughout the QSR sector.

Other fast-food chains may want to hop on the zero-click ordering bandwagon while it remains a novelty in customers’ eyes, as this tactic has the potential to capture the attention of a slew of new fans.

Domino’s enables individuals to place pizza orders via emoji, text, Twitter, Apple Watch and smart TV, among other platforms.

The chain also continued its innovative streak by integrating Amazon Echo prior to the Super Bowl, an attempt to drum up sales during one of food takeout’s biggest days of the year (see story).

Heating up gaming tactics
The DXP Adventures game seeks to transform the vehicle into a household name with the help of the click-through game on Instagram, which features the DXP’s cartoon version.

Consumers can visit Domino’s official Instagram account and locate the post advertising the DXP Adventures game, or directly visit the @start_the_adventure account. The latter features the four stages of the game, and asks individuals to click on the level one panel to begin playing.

Each level prompts users to answer a multiple-choice question related to pizza. Choosing the correct answer will bring players to the next level of the game.

“By interacting with the promoted post on Instagram, players begin solving puzzles that relate directly to features of the DXP,” Ms. Trumbull said. “Like a classic video game, Adventures works off of a map, taking the players to different worlds then back to the map as they complete various tasks.”

One of the questions asks consumers, “Solve my riddle: there are 360 degrees in a circle, but how many degrees do you need to keep your pizza hot in the warming oven?” Choices are 140 degrees, 130 degrees or 120 degrees.

When consumers successfully progress to the next stage of the game, they will earn one letter belonging to a discount code. Reaching the end of the game will enable them to combine the letters to uncover the full promotional code, which can be used to receive 20 percent off their next Domino’s order.

This reward is available through April 10, although the game will still be playable after that date.

The interactive game will help Domino’s boost customer engagement on Instagram, one of its most important communication platforms. Additionally, the inclusion of mobile gaming tactics is a smart move for any QSR brand, particularly those with strong millennial followings.

“Three things that are extremely relevant and seem to be growing in popularity by the minute are mobile, gaming, and Instagram, so it was a no-brainer for us to pursue this fun idea conceived by our agency, CP+B,” Ms. Trumbull said. “As for the offer, we know consumers are motivated differently, so having a reward at the end of the adventure aimed to drive broader appeal.”