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Cigna eases pain of submitting claims through mobile app

Global health insurance company Cigna has launched a feature for customers to submit claims through its mobile application, easing what is a stressful experience for some customers.

For insurance customers, submitting claims is already a stressful situation, as claims need to be submitted when an unfortunate accident has happened. Consumers are already unhappy and agitated, it is important for companies such as Cigna to develop services that alleviate the troubles for customers, and submitting mobile claims can do so.

“It is very easy and convenient for Cigna’s globally mobile customers to submit claims using the Cigna Envoy mobile app,” said Jessica Iben, internal and external communications strategist and public relations at Cigna. “It really is just a simple point, click and submit.

“It is also adds another way for our customers to submit their claims, depending upon their preference,” she said. “They can go online to Cigna Envoy and submit it there, submit it through the mobile app or through more traditional ways.

“It is really up to them to choose what’s best for them.”

Mobile convenience 
As mobile features are making its way into all sectors of retail and industries, it is fitting for Cigna to introduce mobile options as well. Consumers are not accustomed to using mobile devices for nearly anything, and holding off on mobile implementation may be harmful to retailers and services.

The Cigna Envoy Mobile app allows users to take a picture of their claim through their smartphone and submit it for processing. This makes for a much more convenient experience, as well as faster.

In the past claims were submitted through mail, and desktop. Mobile eliminates the amount of steps it takes to submit these claims.

According to Cigna, submitting a mobile claim takes up to four minutes, compared to the Desktop experience, which takes up to 10 minutes. Mobile users can also submit a claim immediately, wherever they are located rather than having to wait for a desktop computer or to send through traditional mail.

The health benefits company made the decision to develop mobile claims following responses from their customers requesting the service. Listening to consumers’ complains, wants and needs is vital for the success of a company.

Responding and evolving with consumer behavior can secure Cigna’s customer base, keeping them content through solving their needs.

Insurance goes mobile
Similarly, Google’s launch of a site that simplifies automobile-insurance shopping will pressure traditional insurers to engage more effectively with clients on mobile while helping the search giant remain relevant as on-the-go consumers change how product research is conducted (see more).

Also, Insurance provider Geico ramped up awareness of its recently updated mobile application by offering consumers valuable tips and information to kick off National Hurricane Preparedness Week, reflecting mobile’s growing role for disaster preparedness and relief information (see more).

“Part of what we strive to do each and every day is make it easy for our customers to do business with us,” Ms. Iben said. “Introducing this functionality offers just that, an easy way to do business with Cigna.

“Not only is it easy, it is also convenient and quicker,” she said. “As I mentioned, we want to make it easy for our customers.

“The online claims submission process through our mobile app gives them another option when submitting their claims.  They can choose what is easiest and most convenient for them, now and with future claims, which is our goal.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily