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Chase Pay goes to the movies with Atom Tickets integration

Chase Pay, the mobile payment system created by Chase Bank, has found itself another home now that it is being accepted by Atom Tickets as viable payment for movie tickets.

The partnership is yet another notch in the belt of Chase Pay as it seeks to integrate itself in more platforms. Likewise, Atom Tickets continues to make a name for itself in the mobile movie ticketing world.

“Atom Tickets has created an entertainment platform that’s valuable and engaging. By combining that with Chase Pay’s seamless payment process, we will give customers an experience that’ll be easy to use again and again,” said Teresa Walker, Executive Director, Chase Commerce Solutions.

Movie tickets
Atom Tickets has made its way into the world of mobile movie ticketing services when it debuted a few months ago, and is already challenging industry mainstays such as Fandango and Moviefone, who have somewhat cornered the market.

Atom’s claim to fame is that it lets users skip the line and order VIP access tickets through their phone, taking them straight to the best seats in the house.

In their continued attempt to become a major player in the world of mobile movie ticketing, Atom is now adding in integration with one the more popular forms of mobile payments.

Chase Pay is a prominent mobile payment system and one that has had a good amount of success since the bank pulled out of supporting CurrentC, a stillborn mobile payment system that was supposed to come from a conglomerate called the Merchant Customer Exchange (see story).

Since that effort fell through, Chase Pay has made breakthroughs with its own payment system.

Chase Pay
With Chase Pay supporting it, Atom has the platform to further push its service forward as the premiere mobile ticketing service.

The brand has already begun working with some big-name movie studios such as Disney and 20th Century Fox, as well as popular movie chains such as AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas.

Atom has also made a splash recently with its introduction of mobile concession ordering from AMC Theaters, providing a powerful boost to sales for theaters that make most of their money from concessions and for consumers to streamline the snack ordering process (see story).

Atom is banking on the power of mobile payments to increase their standing in the world of movie ticketing. Chase Pay is providing it that option.

“Our number one goal is always convenience, and that includes letting users pay how they want,” said Ameesh Paleja, CEO and co-founder of Atom Tickets. “Atom is the only movie ticketing platform that allows users to plan a movie night with friends and pay separately, and Chase Pay brings it all together as the preferred method of payment.”

“This is perfect collaboration to deliver a mobile-first experience because we are combining our drive to transform the moviegoing experience with Chase’s payment innovation,” said Matthew Bakal, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Atom Tickets.