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Brioche Dorée goes all out on mobile wallet with ordering, payment, loyalty and couponing

The Brioche Dorée chain has launched a mobile wallet that includes ordering, payment, loyalty and couponing features to bring added value for customers.

Brioche Dorée, which operates bakeries and cafes in France, the United States and China, is piloting the mobile wallet in 20 stores across France. The company claims the wallet is a first of its kind in the fast-food industry because it includes a full suite of mobile services with offers that are personalized based on customers’ previous purchases and preferred timing.

“Brioche Dorée decided to launch their own mobile wallet because it is an interactive and engaging way to manage customer relationships,” said Jérémie Leroyer, CEO and co-founder of Airtag, New York.

“Mobile wallets enable retailers to bring something more valuable and rewarding to the customer experience so that QSR retailers can better understand who their customers are and more easily identify their buying habits, so they can be more relevant,” he said.

“The unique and exciting aspect of this mobile wallet is that it bridges all mobile shopping features into one convenient and user friendly application, which hasn’t yet been done in the QSR industry.”

Optimized customer experiences
The app was developed in partnership with mobile shopping solutions provider Airtag and Groupe Le Duff, which owns 1,206 restaurants and bakeries, including U.S. bakery chains Bruegger’s Bagels, la Madeleine Country French Café and Mimi’s Café in addition to Brioche Dorée locations.

Brioche Dorée hopes to optimize the customer experience by combining ordering and loyalty in the same app.

The app offers personalized coupons based on purchasing history and a customer’s profile as well as a customized homepage with product recommendations to help drive sales.

It is available as an iOS 7 app, Android app and via a mobile Web site.

Working together
From a loyalty perspective, customers launch the app and can start earning loyalty rewards by making purchases through the mobile application or in-store. In-store rewards are accumulated through a QR code scan at the POS. To redeem reward and coupons, an account must be created.

To place an order, users add their desired products to the basket, pick their preferred time for in-store pick up and proceed to in app payment. Mobile orders are picked up in-store via a dedicated line.

Customers can choose to pay on the app by credit or in-store.

The app also includes a couponing section with a selection of available offers. Coupons are displayed in the app that the customers can browse through and redeem in-store or on the mobile app.

“Instead of separate services, Airtag offers a unique combination of ordering and payments to add convenience and loyalty and couponing that add real value and savings for the customer- while also providing the retailer with valuable customer information,” Mr. Leroyer said.

“These services work together to create a user experience that is both convenient and also rewarding for the customer,” he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York