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Bluefly unzips sales via revamped mobile checkout, shoppable Instagram feed

Online fashion retailer Bluefly is reigniting its mobile sales efforts with revamped Android and iOS applications that enable users to scan credit cards during checkout and purchase items featured in a curated Instagram feed within the app.

The fashion destination is continuing to optimize its mobile shopping experience by minimizing the amount of time required to complete a purchase and implementing more social media inspiration into its apps. Bluefly’s customers can now seamlessly make purchases by scanning their credit cards with their smartphone cameras instead of manually entering in the digits and take advantage of a shoppable Instagram feed that promotes the discovery of new products in a native setting.

“Any opportunity to streamline the checkout process is a benefit to the retailer,” said Robert Cuthbertson, vice president at Boston Retail Partners. “By leveraging the phone’s camera to scan and sync credit card information, the customer doesn’t need to fumble around on a smartphone keyboard or look hard to read numbers on his or her credit card.

“As a result, the checkout process is more accurate, faster and easier – and this makes customers happy.”

On-the-go shopping
Bluefly’s new mobile shopping experience, powered by Mozu, was rolled out to customers in a bid to streamline checkout processes and inject more inspiration into product browsing. As the retailer sees approximately 42 percent of sales stem from smartphones, the revamped app showcases Bluefly’s dedication to integrating the latest mobile technologies into its platforms.

The shifting mobile landscape has seen many millennials and younger consumers complete their shopping on smartphones and tablets while on the go. To capitalize on rising mobile traffic, Bluefly introduced the updated apps with the intent of minimizing the amount of time spent completing a purchase.

Consumers wanting to buy items from their mobile shopping carts can press the checkout button and input their shipping details. Once they reach the payment details page, they can hit the small camera icon located in the top right corner.

This enables Bluefly app users to snap a photo of their credit card, an action that will automatically populate the fill-in fields with that card’s information. This eliminates the need to manually type in the card’s digits.

Therefore, if a customer has a limited time frame in which to complete a purchase, he or she can feel comfortable in knowing that the actual checkout process can be finished quickly.

This streamlined experience may also drive more impulse purchases for the brand.

A growing number of online retailers are continuing to optimize their checkout pages with a slew of user-friendly features.

Two executives at Mobile Marketer’s Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2016 discussed how the online retailer leverages one-hand ergonomics to modernize checkout experiences with larger forms, swiping gestures and contextual keyboards (see story).

Social-driven inspiration
Bluefly’s iOS and Android apps have also been updated with integrated social platform features. Users can now click on the #MyBluefly tab in the app menu to view a curated Instagram feed of shoppable looks.

Consumers searching for outfit and accessories inspiration may browse the feed for ideas for special events, work outfits or wardrobe staples, and click the “Shop this look” button at the bottom of each post to be taken to the featured products’ pages.

This allows fashion enthusiasts to discover new pieces in a native setting.

“By leveraging Instagram, users can impulsively buy merchandise that is curated to inspire and evoke a response,” Mr. Cuthbertson said. “Having a shoppable feed reduces the barriers to purchase and increases the opportunity for a retailer to capture the transaction at the moment of inspiration.”

Additionally, Bluefly shoppers will see discounts and promotions, changes to existing inventory and new items appear instantly across the desktop site and mobile apps, thanks to Mozu’s content management system.        

The new updates come on the heels of Bluefly’s recent alterations to its omnichannel shopping experience.

Several months ago, the retailer revamped its Web site and mobile app to better reflect its modern brand image through a streamlined interface, including push notifications and instant updates across platforms (see story).

“In-app push notifications will be competing with a barrage of alerts from a variety of applications including texting, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.,” Mr. Cuthbertson said. “As a result, they must be done strategically to be effective in garnering the customer’s attention.”