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Bluefly modernizes digital experience with revamped mobile site and app

Online fashion retailer Bluefly has revamped its Web site and mobile application to better reflect its modern brand image through a streamlined interface, including push notifications and instant updates across platforms.

Bluefly is valuing a cloud-based program in which all digital platforms will be updated simultaneously in regards to content, inventory and product information. The revamp ensures a seamless and native cross-platform brand image and will further reach customers with app messaging to keep them up-to-date on products, sales and opportunities.

“Bluefly has always been a leader in retail technology,” Carly Rosenberg, president of Bluefly. “Partnering with Mozu has allowed us to offer a seamless multichannel shopping experience for our customers.

“As we have been transitioning to a marketplace in recent years, we have added hundreds of new brands to the site, and this upgrade allows us to provide more ways for our customers to shop,” she said. “Bluefly shoppers can now shop on any type of device and have access to the same experience, thanks to Mozu’s unified platform.

“We no longer have to maintain a separate website, mobile site and app. We can manage everything from one platform.”

Flying on mobile
The online retailer’s app platform previously lacked the ability to share push notifications with users, but the new update changes that. The integration means that customers will be updated via scheduled messages for timely calls-to-action such as limited-time sales and online events.

Bluefly’s new app through Mozu

The new content management system will create a consistent brand image on all of its platforms, through its instant update capability. For instance, if a product runs out of inventory, it will instantly be updated on all accounts, while also if an image needs to be switched out it will see the same effect.

The Web site and mobile app have also been equipped for better use on mobile, meaning faster load times, higher quality performance and a streamlined look. Management will be able to control the push notifications and multichannel content through one CMS, which also supports the consistent experience.

Bluefly management now has more control over its digital properties, which means less reliance on tech and IT personnel, in turn cutting down costs.

The retailer is hoping to make more customer-first experiences for a truly personal and optimized performance with its new platforms launching in the next few weeks.

Mobile strategies
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“The biggest advantage that Bluefly has recognized by re-platforming to Mozu is that they no longer have to rely on their IT to make changes to their website,” said Ani Gujrathi, vice president of engineering at Mozu. “Their business teams can now easily make changes to existing products, promotions and discounts across all channels and publish to their customers instantly.

“By leveraging Mozu’s modern SaaS platform, infrastructure outages have been eliminated, upgrades are smoother, and new features are automatically delivered to the platform,” he said. “With Mozu, Bluefly can stay up-to-date with the latest commerce technology trends without having to make large scale investments.”

“By re-platforming to Mozu, the Bluefly shopping experience is both responsive and adaptive out of the box, allowing them to take advantage of recent increases in mobile commerce sales. Bluefly can easily manage their website and native app experience, including push notifications and social content, from a single admin console to keep customers engaged, connected, and up-to-date on the latest fashion trends.”