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Bauer Hockey scores with clients, consumers via mobile POS

The Epicor POS system software offers full functionality to optimize transactions, integrate information and inspire customers on a common platform for all channels and devices, including mobile. The system’s adoption shows how mobile has accelerated users’ demand for streamlined transactions and more efficient checkout.

“Getting the right fit with hockey gear – take skates, for example – is critical and very individualized,” said Paul Dachsteiner, vice president of information technology and global initiatives for Bauer Hockey, Exeter, NH.

“An associate with a mobile device, untethered from the cash wrap station, will be able to support a better, more shoulder to shoulder sales support experience in this instance – checking inventory elsewhere if a certain skate/size is out of stock at that location,” Mr. Dachsteiner said.

“This will provide the best experience for the consumer, tethered to one of Bauer Hockey’s in-store experts that will make sure they get the best fitting product.”

Improving flexibility
Retailers that have leveraged the Epicor Retail Mobile Store solution have gained improved flexibility, enhancing associate engagement and productivity, boosting units sold and dollar per transaction metrics. The POS also increases operational effectiveness in inventory replenishment, price changes and promotional campaigns.

Ensuring consumers receive  a well-fitting product.

??Epicor Retail Mobile Store lets associates engage shoppers with real-time information at the point of contact, giving customers a highly personalized shopping experience.

??The Mobile Store also allows transactions to be executed from anywhere, whether that is the sales floor, dressing room, sidewalk, special event, pop-up store or kiosk.

?It streamlines operations by allowing users to e-mail or print customer

?receipts while also permitting the collection of real time, accurate customer data at a point of activity.  The system also frees valuable floor space for product.

Retailers are increasingly shifting their point-of-sale to mobile devices in response to the growth in smartphone adoption and the need to create seamless shopping experiences across all channels. Mobile POS is the future for bricks-and-mortar retailers because it enables associates to engage directly with customers, while the next step will be enabling customers with their own POS.

While retailers are still exploring the opportunities that mobile offers, they recognize that more customers expect to be able to interact within the retail environment with their mobile device. As a result, store associates often have less information than their customers.

Traditional functionality
Retailers have already given customers most of the traditional functionality that exists in POS and with mobile shopping cart and payment abilities, retailers can put POS in their customers’ hands to create an omnichannel shopping experience where a sales associate can be empowered to interact with customers in new ways.

Creating an omnichannel experience.

“Bauer Hockey associates will use mobile devices to help by showing videos or documents that help with the education of the product and best fit,” Mr. Dachsteiner said. “Once they finish this consultative process with the customer, they’ll be able to transact the sale – the smallest piece of the experience – without a formal cash wrap process.”

Final Take
Michael Barris is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York