Tangiblee releases Virtual Try-On for Desktop with Mobile Sync

July 13, 2021

Tangiblee has expanded its Virtual Try-On solution to include the capability for desktop shoppers.  Since the initial rollout of its web-based augmented reality solution in 2020, Tangiblee has continued to improve & optimize its experience with added capabilities like Auto-Capture, Ring Stacking, and more.  The most notable addition, however, is the real-time Desktop-to-Mobile Sync capability. 

When shopping on a desktop device, users will now see an "On Me" section within Tangiblee which when clicked presents a QR code.  Once scanned, the user is sent directly to the Virtual Try-On experience on their mobile device and, in real-time, the users' new images are synced to the desktop screen as they are captured.  Users can continue interacting and "try on" more items with either device.

“Allowing desktop users to leverage VTO was always part of the plan - but we needed to test options and make sure whatever we developed worked well with Tangiblee’s technology while still being easy to use & fun for the end-user,” said Product Lead, Zac Post.

There are already several Tangiblee clients utilizing the functionality like AtPresent and Sethi Couture with plans to add the capability to several more clients later this month.  Tangiblee recently published an article on their website with details surrounding Virtual Try-On for Desktop which can be found in this article.  

About Tangiblee
Tangiblee is an eCommerce product experience platform that delivers interactive experiences to every product page. Tangiblee extracts existing product imagery directly from the product page and re-packages the content into an interactive on-page experience. The experience is custom-built for every retailer and offers on-brand, curated content to every product, and is compatible and scalable with any retail platform – app or web-based. Tangiblee helps retailer partners provide the best possible digital shopping experience for customers without needing the overhead of a technical team to integrate or maintain. Tangiblee serves the following retail categories: Furniture & Home Decor, Handbags & Fashion Accessories, Wall Art & Lighting, Jewelry & Watches, Backpacks & Luggage, Toys & Collectibles, and now, Pet Furniture & Accessories. For more information, email [email protected] or visit https://tangiblee.com/contact-us/