Tangiblee Expands e-Commerce Solution to Service Pet Industry

May 10, 2021
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Tangiblee is expanding its e-commerce platform to service one of the fastest-growing e-commerce categories—pet supplies and toys. Tangiblee's solutions offer pet e-retailers and their customers an intuitive way to engage with each product variation and help online shoppers understand the relative size/context of any pet product.

Tangiblee leverages a retailers’ existing product content (images & product details) to deliver a specific interactive shopping experience for online customers.

Pet adoptions have nearly doubled over the past year due to the pandemic and subsequent living adjustments most Americans were forced to make.  As a result, sales for pet-related supplies and toys have seen astronomical growth - raking in nearly  $100 billion in 2020 alone. 

However, the pet industry transition lags behind many retail industries and their digital-first sales strategies. Furthermore, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, with customers advised to stay clear of brick-and-mortar storefronts (despite "essential business" classifications), pet retailers face an extended, precarious predicament.

“As a pet owner, I know how difficult it can be to find that perfect product. Whether it’s looking for a collar that fits well or seeing if a bed takes up too much space, pet owners have had to guess for too long,” said Justine Olson, Customer Success Manager at Tangiblee. “The lack of in-store experiences and changing guidelines for returns has only made this more challenging.”

High product variance and turn-over make it hard for pet retailers to produce and manage detailed product content for pet toys, supplies, or accessories. It is impossible - physically or financially - to produce contextual, visual content for every individual SKU variance; as any pet owner knows, understanding the size and scale of toys, collars, and beds are the basic pet care purchase quandaries.  Add the breed and age component and the complexity of the customer's decision-making experience intensifies.

Since 2015, Tangiblee's technology service was designed to offer online retailers a scalable, effective solution to address critical friction points in the customer journey.  Using a retailer’s existing product images, Tangiblee creates an interactive, visual product experience on every product page that allows customers to compare products side-by-side, compare objects within and against lifestyle backgrounds, or even using personalized silhouette models to gauge the size & fit of an item.

Last fall, Tangiblee conceptualized a solution specific to the pet industry - swapping out human silhouettes for pet types and various breeds. Tangiblee's solution for pets allows online shoppers to:

-Visually compare any catalog item side-by-side to assess the size & scale of items 

-Build a room using common household items and any piece of pet furniture to see the scale and fit within a space similar to your own

-Place pet furniture (such as crates, beds) in a real-life setting using any lifestyle scene or background, offering inspirational context

-Determine scale and context of pet items against everyday items and across various breeds

-Interact with breed-specific models to see what collars and accessories look like on or near the animal

Later in 2021, Tangiblee will be releasing a Virtual Try-On experience for pet collars and accessories that will let customers "try-on" collars and other accessories on their pets.  Tangiblee rolled out its augmented reality technology (Virtual Try-On) for jewelry & watch retail clients last year. 


About Tangiblee:

Tangiblee is an eCommerce product experience platform that delivers interactive experiences to every product page.  Tangiblee extracts existing product imagery directly from the product page and re-packages the content into an interactive on-page experience.  The experience is custom-built for every retailer and offers on-brand, curated content to every product, and is compatible and scalable with any retail platform – app or web-based.  Tangiblee helps retailer partners provide the best possible digital shopping experience for customers without needing the overhead of a technical team to integrate or maintain.  Tangiblee serves the following retail categories: Furniture & Home Decor, Handbags & Fashion Accessories, Wall Art & Lighting, Jewelry & Watches, Backpacks & Luggage, Toys & Collectibles, and now, Pet Furniture & Accessories. 

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