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YouCam adds live streaming feature to augmented reality makeup app

Paul Mitchell, Ardell and Glamour are just a few of the brands that will soon be able to reach even more customers through YouCam’s new live streaming makeup service.

The new feature in the YouCam app allows customers to live stream their applications of augmented reality makeup for an audience. From there, the products used can be purchased through the app.

“We are thrilled to announce YouCam Makeup’s beauty live streaming network that combines influencer voices, real-time entertainment, and try-it-yourself AR makeup filters for an unparalleled beauty experience,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of Perfect Corp, the makers of YouCam.

YouCam streaming
While makeup is a lucrative industry already, it suffers from the fact that many consumers like to try on a bit of makeup first before they buy it, to make sure it matches or complements skin tone, has the right consistency etc.

This creates somewhat of a barrier to ecommerce for makeup brands that want to capture consumers’ attention.

YouCam sought to remedy this with its augmented reality solution that lets consumers virtually try on different types of makeup without having to go to the store or send away for some.

Now YouCam is taking the capability a step further with a new live streaming feature being added to its app.

Now consumers can live stream themselves applying the virtual makeup to show their friends either in an instructional capacity or to get feedback on which makeup works best.

To help promote this feature as well as the brands that are associated with the app, YouCam is recruiting influencers and beauty stylists to live stream tutorials and makeup instructional videos for YouCam’s users to watch.

The people selected range from amateur beauty bloggers to professional stylists, all handpicked by YouCam’s editorial team.

The app also now has custom interactive filters that can be applied to images and live streams, with branded filters also having an ecommerce component to them.

AR makeup
The brands involved with YouCam will also benefit from this new feature, in addition to the obvious benefit it provides to the users.
Their products will be seen being used by prominent beauty influencers in the context of a video that instructs users on how best to use those products.

Combine that with the integrated ecommerce option and you get a powerful tool for promoting a brand’s products through the app.

YouCam has previously updated its app with a daily horoscope of looks that suggests different products and styles to users each day (see story).

In addition the app got a big boost in visibility at last year’s New York Fashion Week in a partnership with Glamour to bring the biggest fashion trends of the week to YouCam users (see story).

“Instead of passively watching a makeup tutorials online, live show viewers in YouCam Makeup are intimately engaged in the conversation and learning process through true-to-life beauty AR technology,” Ms. Chang said.