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Yoshop updates interface to make it more user-friendly for mobile

Online retailer Yoshop has completely revamped the user experience capabilities of its ecommerce offering to boost sales before Christmas and provide a foundation for future mcommerce success.

The redesign was implemented in order to save users and quickly match customer needs, an offering that many other retailers have implemented as well in order to better personalize the ecommerce experience. The new design involved simplification of different user interface tracks, easier access to personalized products and a new section for product reviews.

“Retailers need to be extremely aware of their shopping experience online, and always A/B/C testing to ensure the UX/UI is clean and simple with the main point of a purchase being the easiest path to complete without issue,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “With a complicated e-store like Yoshop, they should listen carefully to their customers to always be on alert and enhance the shopping experience as they receive feedback.

“ECommerce retailing is not a ‘put it up and you’re done’ type of project, it’s an always ‘evolving always, listening to improve’ type of endeavor.”

Yoshop’s redesign is based on the company’s founding principle of delivering “quality for less.”

The homepage can now be divided into three sections: navigation, categories and promotions, and is the core of the redesign, which was introduced in response to what Yoshop named as a growing consumer need, that “deals can be quickly made and availed frequently only if the necessary information is displayed within a short time.”

The redesign does indeed make navigating Yoshop easier, especially over the site’s old mobile user interface, which the company admitted “could no longer perform to the expectations of (its) customers.”

Aside from redesigning the interface, the developers have also introduced a new Community Entry section for product reviews. The homepage now shows the true product reviews from users.

Also, Yoshop now provides product recommendations through analysis of users’ needs in real time. Aside from the visual optimization and simplification to improve user experience, another highlight of the update is the way hot items are smartly updated using algorithms that finds the needs of users and push information related to their specific needs.

Updated website
Yoshop claims that its updated Web site “will let users get a new feeling of how a modern fashion ecommerce website should run,” which is a welcome development for a destination sorely in need of a makeover.

The fashion industry is becoming increasingly competitive in mobile innovation, and many of these developments are coming in the forms of user-friendly viral campaigns. H&M called on top-level talent for its holiday promotion this year, releasing a video directed by Wes Anderson that does not skimp on the director’s patent dollhouse aesthetic and whimsy (see story).

And Pandora also recently went a major redesign: Mobile Pandora users got the first look at its brand redesign to help modernize its image, supported by a highly targeted digital campaign following its new features rollout (see story).

“Some key must-knows for UX/UI set up on mobile retail outlets are: easy search functionality; simple filter parameter inputs; one click purchase options; and a guest purchase option for no hassle buying,” Ms. Troutman said.