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Worldhotels puts mobile email in focus to streamline customer sales

Worldhotels is hoping to ramp up revenue with customers staying at locations by increasing engagement by sending them promotional deals via email up for 24 hours before their stay. Customers will be able to use their mobile devices to redeem deals during their trip for items on activities, amenities, food and beverages.

“Worldhotels is really looking to wow their guests by enhancing and personalizing the stay,” said Anthony Zebrowski-Rubin, CEO of GuestDriven, Montréal. “Working with GuestDriven in this partnership gives Worldhotels access to our existing data, research and infrastucture to do this more efficiently.

“The GuestDriven technology becomes an enabler and a differentiator for the Worldhotels partner hotels,” he said.

Traveling with mobile
Worldhotels will be working with vendor GuestDriven’s mobile solution to share the mobile optimized deals.

The hotel brand is hoping to get the most out of each customer’s stay through the new program in which travelers will receive promotional emails starting 24 hours prior to his or her trip. Worldhotels chose email for its ability to draw in consumers who are able to easily save an email for future redemption, which will stay with them for the duration of the trip.

Mobile is now the primary platform in which consumers access email, making it vital for marketers and retailers to ensure their contact boasts well on the smaller devices. When in the past many consumers would print out a deal they received via email, now users expect to be able to use their smartphones for redemption.

Worldhotels is looking to create a service that is tailored to help consumers through all steps of their traveling experience. The promotional pushes will take into account the traveler’s journey such as whether or not they are in transit and their amount of time away from check in.

Hotel history
The hotel brand chose to ramp up its email communication, as it has shown the most conversation rates.

A 12 percent jump in post-holiday mobile email revenue between the fourth and first quarter suggests the mobile movement is part of an enduring change, not a blip, according to a Yesmail report (see more).

Similarly, InterContinental Hotels Group joined forces with Uber to allow new users to receive a rewards points bonus for signing up and integrating ride-hailing abilities into the IHG mobile application (see more).

“Mobile interactions, not just apps, much more, are key to delivering on the expectations of the modern traveller,” Mr. Zebrowski said. “The traveller already uses apps and mobile research to plan and book their stay, and with WiFi everywhere during modern-day travels, it makes sense to continue to communicate and transact with the guest on their mobile devices throughout the rest of their travel journey.”