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Walmart app streamlines pharmacy, financial service options

Walmart is updating its mobile application with a host of new features designed to streamline the services of two major areas: the pharmacy and financial services.

The new features will let consumers quickly reorder prescriptions they have purchased before through the mobile app as well as streamlining the papwerwork aspect of Walmart’s financial service offerings. The move is Walmart’s way of continuing to invest heavily in mobile as an option for making the retail experience more seamless.

“These capabilities are the latest example of how we’re bringing together all of the conveniences of Walmart – great stores, convenient pickup, easy checkout and a top-notch app – to deliver one seamless shopping experience for customers,” said Daniel Eckert, senior vice president at Walmart services. “We’re delivering a new and better experience in areas of our business that are essential for busy families.

“By making them faster and easier, we’re living up to our promise – to save customers money and time.”

Financial services
By this point, most retailers are aware that mobile is a powerful tool for streamlining customer experience.

While mobile has obvious benefits outside of the store, it is also an excellent way to make in-store navigation and transactions even smoother, and many brands are now embracing this possibility.

The latest is Walmart, which is expanding the features of its mobile app to include some new streamlining capabilities related to its pharmacy and financial services sections.

The brand’s app will now let customers quickly order refills of prescriptions from the pharmacy, as well as track orders and order remotely.

Additionally, customers can order their prescription ahead of time through the mobile app and skip the line, scanning a code at the counter to receive their prescription.

For the financial service side, customers can enter and save their financial information into the app instead of having to fill it out on paper each time they enter the store.

Similarly to the pharmacy additions, consumers can also skip the line at the financial center if they fill out their information beforehand through the mobile app.

Express lane
The two features specific to the pharmacy and financial services as well as the express lane option common to both, are clear indicators that Walmart is continuing its dedication to mobile.

This dedication has paid off as the retailer dominated the industry last year when it came to mobile integrations (see story).

But these features are also being used to put pressure on Walmart’s competitors.

Most recently, this includes Amazon, to which Walmart issued a direct challenge with the introduction of two-day shipping (see story).

Walmart is continuing its dedication to mobile with the latest update and this investment is likely to continue in the future.

“What our Pharmacy business is likely most well-known for is our $4 prescription program that has saved our customers nearly $5 billion,” said Paul Beahm, senior vice president, Walmart health and wellness operations. “Starting today, we’ll be known for saving them more than just money. By developing and combining the best of our app with a service that our customers depend on daily, we’re driving change that makes living better easier.”