ARCHIVES: This is legacy content from before Industry Dive acquired Mobile Commerce Daily in early 2017. Some information, such as publication dates, may not have migrated over. Check out our topic page for the latest mobile commerce news. rolls out unique weather data-driven ad campaign

British digital retailer Very recently used a unique banner advertising campaign to drive mobile and digital sales through a creative personal experience using location and weather data.

The campaign accesses users’ location information and implements weather data into a banner ad that showcases products related to the forecast, generating a personal experience for consumers, to cement a creative brand image and drive sales. This type of campaign is an ideal method to attracting consumers to spend more as well as presenting an authentic representation and secure relationship.

“Many businesses sales fluctuate during changes in weather,” said Stephanie Emmanouel, general manager of connected customer marketing at Somo. “This is due to relevance of clothing not always being specifically suited to the context.

“But with the Very Campaign we had knowledge of audience which was female audience 25-44, and we were able to personalize product ranges through dynamic creative and therefore relevant to the ever changing weather.

“This was targeted through demographically suited sites, including fashion, entertainment and celebrity,” she said. “The increased relevance to context and audience increased conversion and overall ROI.”

Seamless integration
Banner ads that offer a seamless link to purchasing pages are imperative for driving sales. The less time that takes place in between consumer interest and customer purchasing, the more likely a final sale will become.

Featuring specific products is ideal as well, as it shows consumers specific pieces they could be interested in with a direct link to purchase. Mixed with the unique experience, it is a sure way to draw in consumers.

The mobile ads grab consumer attention with the creative context, while offering accurate, in-the-moment content. Using location data and weather information generates a personal and immediate experience.

Using temporary information entices consumers to get involved right away. It creates the feeling of a short-term deal and sense of urgency, which drives sales.

The timing for this campaign is ideal as well, as the summer months create a buzz around weather-appropriate apparel. Consumers get excited about the warmer months and the clothing options that come along with it, especially female consumers, which this campaign is aimed towards.

Creating advertising content that coincides with this is an optimal way of driving sales.

Mobile advertising
Similarly, video rental service Redbox is offering freebies and giveaways via social media and mobile in an attempt to increase its customer base and drive sales through its application (see more).

Also, Outback Steakhouse bolstered sales of its signature steak dishes by delivering Instagram-only content to mobile users that is designed to highlight the flavors, sights and sounds that make the restaurant an authority on steak, proving that national chains must have a stronghold on social media when promoting menu items (see more).

“Using accurate location based weather information for targeting allows to experiment with personalized emotional based targeting, both from a channel and creative standpoint,” Ms. Emanuel said. “Leveraging more impulse purchase behavior through relevancy.

“This coupled with a deep understanding of purchase attribution allowed to measure and optimize effectiveness of ROI within the campaigns,” she said. “The goals of Somo and Shop Direct is to create in the future more award winning campaigns through creative use of mobile within context.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily