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U.S. Polo leverages digital sizing to help consumers avoid the fitting room

U.S. Polo Assn. is incorporating mobile and digital features that help consumers find their perfect size without having to hit the fitting rooms.

The retailer is using Mipso’s FiT technology to let shoppers enter a few measurements and receive a size recommendation tailored to each of U.S. Polo’s products. At first, the feature will be available for online purchasing, but FiT also enables an in-store service that lets shoppers scan products in-store to receive size recommendations.

“The benefits are two-fold in that the shoppers increase basket size and returns are lower,” said Igal Chemerinski, vice president of sales at Mipso, New York.

“For the consumer, we create a fun experience, and it’s easy to shop in the site,” he said. “For the retailers it creates customer loyalty because the moment I have my measurements in a Web site I’m more likely to return for more.

“It creates engagement and loyalty and for the retailers a way to profile customers. Many of the retailers have some type of information like shipping information, but now they’re able to get measurements so they can profile. They can be more efficient in production.”

U.S. Polo Assn. sells clothing and other accessories and items in more than 135 countries.

Best fit
To start off, U.S. Polo is integrating Mipso’s Fit technology into its commerce Web site to help consumers virtually try on clothing.

On each product page, there is an image of a measuring tape next to where consumers are asked to select a size with copy that reads, “Not sure? Let us find your best size in seconds.” If consumers click on this, they will be asked to input some of their measurements.

If consumers are pressed for time they can enter their height and waist measurements. The site explains how to take these measurements.

For more precise sizing, consumers can also enter more measurements, such as shoulder circ, bust, under-bust, hips and arm length.

The site will then make a recommendation based on advanced algorithms as to which size the consumer should order. Once a consumer enters his or her measurements, they can be stored on U.S. Polo’s site.

Mipso’s technology can also be incorporated into a white label mobile application, and U.S. Polo will likely roll this out in the near future.

The app allows in-store shoppers to leverage FiT to save time and avoid having to try clothes on in the fitting room. Shoppers will be able to scan bar codes on the garments to get a size recommendation from FiT.

Increased basket
According to Mipso, the Fit technology increased consumers’ basket size by 52 percent and dropped returns by 64 percent.

By helping consumers find their size, U.S. Polo will be able to increase consumer confidence and, in turn, basket size. Consumers will feel less worried about making a purchase without trying it on, so they will be more likely to buy either online or in-store without going to the fitting room.

Another benefit for retailers is that the cost of returns will go down. Nowadays many retailers offer free shipping on returns, and this cost will be eliminated if a product is more likely to fit and consumers are less likely to return.

The FiT technology also allows U.S. Polo to better merchandise in its stores based on data on customer sizes.

“It’s as if someone in the store comes up and asks can I help you find your size,” Mr. Chemerinski said. “Instead of telling the customer, ‘Go use the size chart,’ which less than one percent of consumers use size chart because they’re very difficult to read. We benefit the retailers by allowing customers to get the best fit.”

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York