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Two key considerations for a successful social + mobile strategy


By Kelly Cooper

One-third of the time people spend on their mobile devices is within social media networks and more than one-half of people accessing Facebook are on a mobile device – and these numbers continue to grow.

Ignoring social in mobile marketing outreach is not a successful strategy. In fact, social is among the best avenues to reach mobile audiences since search, banners and even email use pales in comparison.

Given this, it is important that you marry social + mobile for the greatest impact and here are two key strategies to help you do it.

Facilitate communication
Social and mobile have ramped up communication. We communicate about the things that we care about more often than we have ever been able to before.

The two combined are powerful.

According to a new report by ShareThis, mobile users are twice as likely to share social content than desktop social consumers.

This creates a prime opportunity for marketers to participate in the conversation and influence, in some degree, what people choose to share.

According to a Channel Advisor report, 83 percent of consumers globally are more likely to visit a Web site recommended by a friend.

For maximum impact – and we all want impact – harness the inherent social-proof by creating marketing campaigns that facilitate peer-to-peer communication with content that is engaging and easy to share out to multiple social networks.

? Do not blatantly push your products. Instead, think about the ways you can incorporate your products into a conversation. User-generated content is one way to do this

? For maximum social reach and momentum, promote your campaign on multiple social channels. Keep in mind that each network is unique so be aware of how audiences participate in each

Swarovski’s #Instsparkle contest is an example of how social and mobile work together to build awareness and engagement among audiences on varying platforms.

The contest is centered on user-generated Instagram content, either photos or videos that feature objects that sparkle. Participants and viewers can see what types of images their peers have uploaded and engage with them.

Strategies like this work to build brand affinity and loyalty among fans and followers and the communication centered on the brand or products builds social momentum – all of which exposes new and potential customers to your brand and campaign message.

Without regular communication with internal teams such as purchasing, merchandising and legal, organizing social-mobile specific deals and promotions can be tricky.

Make a list of the internal buy-ins you will need and outline the steps necessary to get them. Your boss and your customers will be happy you did.

Offer compelling content
“You must make the case to the customer that by not connecting with you, they are missing out on something of value. And you have to deliver on that promise.” – Jay Baer

This can be applied to many, if not all, marketing channels but especially rings true for social-mobile marketing.

In social, when a consumer likes your brand page, it is as if they have invited you to a sweet party.

Keeping this in mind, do not be the person to show up first, leave last and drink all the beer. Instead, be known for bringing the scrumptious snacks and tasty cocktails. This way, you will ensure future invites.

Similarly, as a brand, you can show value to your fans and followers in a variety of ways such as:

? Early access to products, events or announcements

? Exclusive deals or promotions

? Behind-the-scenes content

Nike’s Twitter RSVP process is an awesome example of how a brand delivers value and makes good on its promise to social+mobile consumers.

Sneakerheads were stoked when Nike rolled out the program, which allowed Twitter followers to reserve shoes ahead of time to avoid the mayhem of Nike’s product launches.

This is the type of approach that will result in greater loyalty, increased virality and, as a result, more sales.

One-way communication is relatively easy.

Two-way communication is a whole different ball game. Inserting your products into the conversations people are having on multiple social-mobile channels takes strategic, innovative thinking.

While many marketers think of social and mobile as insulated channels, they really need to approach the two as a duo that will help programs and campaigns come alive. Those that do will be sure to come out on top.

Kelly Cooper is marketing manager of ShopIgniter, Portland, OR. Reach her at [email protected]