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Tribeca Film Festival NFC-enabled posters tapped 8,195 times

During the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in New York, an out-of-home promotional campaign using near-field communication technology saw fans seeking free tickets tap promotional posters 8,195 times with 1,156 unique mobile devices.

Between April 14 and 17, mobile marketing firm Tamoco embedded HID Global’s Trusted Tags into promotional posters on display at participating “Film for All Friday” retailers. Fans who tapped the posters with an NFC-enabled device received free tickets.

“The Tribeca Film Festival was an ideal canvas to showcase the ubiquitous nature of the trusted tag technology and how simply it could be put into action – while at the same time giving Tamoco the opportunity to showcase the flexibility of their NFC-enhanced solutions,” said Mark Robinton, manager technology innovation, strategic innovation team for HID Global, Austin

“The more than 4.5 million attendees for the Tribeca Film Festival allowed for a wide demographic of movie lovers to be approached with this campaign, and ensure that a marketer like Tamoco could see the real-time results of such an effort. “

Lights, camera, action
HID Global’s Trusted Tag services combines secure authentication services and tags that can be attached or embedded into everyday objects and trusted with identities that can be read by NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Unlike QR codes or traditional NFC tags, the data read by trusted tags includes security attributes that change on every tap, making any attempt to share, clone or manipulate easily detectable from out-of-home campaigns. These features give Tamoco the ability to verify “proof of presence,” a new capability for DOOH campaigns.

The Tribeca Film Festival was a prime event to showcase how the patented technology facilitates and streamlines secure and effortless communication between consumers and brands with mobile proximity software.

On tap of the world
NFC technology allows smartphones and other enabled devices to communicate with other devices containing an NFC tag.

Mobile phone and tablet users to interact with the mundane in new and exciting ways, extending an interactive experience from tapping a smart poster, to price checking the value of an item at a grocery store, or paying for items on a faster and more secure scale.

HID Global has optimized security and convenience, eliminating the need for special readers or other tag authentication equipment, and allowing for new use cases that require proof of presence.

Empowering smartphones to double as tag readers and communicators of authentication, Trusted Tag Services earn confidence in verifying the individuals scanning the tags are both who they claim to be and where they are, a solution similar to online banking security clearances.

Trusted Tag Services eliminate the abuse of retail loyalty programs, gaming and sweepstakes campaigns connected to marketing displays by requiring users to interact with an authentic tag to gain entry.

Tag, you’re it
NFC profiles have grown exponentially in recent years.

Mobile payment is the primary use of deployment, with services launched in Singapore, in the UK through the Everything Everywhere and Barclaycard, and the Isis joint venture of major US carriers T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon.

Globally, NFC- enabled devices and contactless payment cards are already allowing consumers to buy items with a single touch, while transportation systems such as the London Underground use NFC-enabled ticketing for seamless travel.

“NFC technology supports a variety of Internet of Things applications,” Mr. Robinton said.

“There is no extraneous development cost to create and deploy a special application. This creates a frictionless experience for users, who do not need to spend time downloading and installing an app on their smartphone to verify their identity or participate in DOOH campaigns.”

“This ease-of-use makes it ideal for everything from retail loyalty cards and sweepstakes promotions to tracking home health visits and patient access to educational materials,” he said.

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