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TheSkimm moves its motto to commerce to make gifting effortless

Millennial-focused news outlet theSkimm is delving into commerce by offering specially curated gift boxes for the holiday season that can be seamlessly purchased on mobile.

TheSkimm team members have created special gift boxes made of products finely tuned to its audience, hoping to expand its presence in commerce. With more than 60 percent of its readers being on mobile, the purchase platform is designed for easy mobile access and is ushering in purchases with its convenience.

“Skimm Ahead, theSkimm’s app, is a featured product in the gift box,” said Carly Zakin, cofounder and co-CEO of theSkimm. “The app makes it easier to be smarter about the future by staying on top of major events coming up, like State of the Union, major sports events, new show premieres.

“We are curating everything you need for a smarter 2017 and Skimm Ahead helps do that seamlessly by integrating into the mobile habits you already have,” she said.

Skimming the season
While theSkimm readers are made up of a wide array of demographics, its main focus is on millennial women. These readers are starting their search during the holiday season for the perfect gifts for friends and family.

So theSkimm is bringing its motto of making news more easily accessible and faster to digest to the gift-giving sector by doing the hard work for them.

The publication announced last week on its daily newsletter that it will be revealing a corporate secret come Monday. Yesterday’s newsletter then revealed that the gift boxes were now available.

Users can purchase the Skimm the Season Gift Box directly on their mobile devices by clicking the link in the daily newsletter.

There are two available boxes for purchase, a more expensive one with more items and more valuable products and an affordable-sized box with less options. The boxes will be available until products run out through the holiday season.

With each daily newsletter, theSkimm provides its recommendations for things such as books to read and wine to drink. The gift boxes follow that same idea.

For instance, the high level boxes is available for $99 and features two bottles of wine of which theSkimm recommends, a fitness and health product, a subscription to its pop culture calendar application, the latest novel by author Jennifer Wiener and a theSkimm-themed cookie cutter. The $49 value option features similar products but only one glass of wine and a new product to keep headphones from tangling named Cord Taco instead of the fitness gadget.

TheSkimm support
General Motors’ Buick automotive brand support the publication’s growth and took a millennial-first approach to marketing by unveiling a new vehicle on Instagram via a partnership with theSkimm.

The latest Buick design was shared first with readers and followers of the millennial-geared news source, theSkimm, in its newsletter and on its Instagram account. Buick hoped to appeal to younger consumers with a new generation of vehicle designs and marketing, aimed to appear more trendy (see more).

TheSkimm recently launched a subscription service to keep users up to date on current events through a mobile app for iOS, which integrates with device’s calendars.

The paid subscription keeps users informed about important dates related to big news stories through a consolidated feed, push notifications and automatic appointment scheduling in smartphone calendars. TheSkimm pulled in serious numbers with millennials and a mobile app is an ideal venture for it to continue on a path to be users’ go-to source for news (see more).

“TheSkimm has been recommending products in our newsletter for a long time — we know what our audience wants to read, drink, and buy,” said Danielle Weisberg, cofounder and co-CEO of theSkimm. “To make holiday shopping easier, our Skimm the Season Gift Box combined some of our favorite products from the past year in a single, Skimm-branded offering.”