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The Bean leverages mobile payments to drive repeat visits

The Bean’s three New York City locations participated in a pilot program integrating LevelUp with the ShopKeep mobile POS system. As a result, it has been able to process mobile payments, drive loyalty and manage its store right from the ShopKeep iPad register.

 “The Bean has seen some sweet results,” said Seth Prietbatsch, chief ninja at LevelUp.

“Using LevelUp on ShopKeep, 30 percent of customers at The Bean return in less than two weeks,” he said.  

“Most LevelUp customers have been to The Bean five or more times.”

With LevelUp integrated into The Bean’s iPad register, this enables store associates to move customers through the line quickly.

The Bean encourages all of its customers to use LevelUp and take advantage of earning while they spend money there via signage inside the stores, promotion at the counter and viral sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

LevelUp enables merchants to accept mobile payments by pushing a unique 2D bar code to users of the app that can be scanned at the point of sale to authenticate the payment. Users earn rewards as they spend money using the app.

The app was pinpointed as an early front-runner in mobile payments in a recent report from Carlisle & Gallagher because it is easy to set-up, easy-to-use, offers the ability to tie rewards to payments as well as to attach a credit or debit card and is accepted at over 3,800 participating retailers (see story).  

In December, LevelUp reported that it had reached 500,000 users (see story).  

Integrated solution
With the ShopKeep, LevelUp integration, merchants can ring up sales and accept LevelUp payments right from their ShopKeep POS iPad register without switching devices.

ShopKeep POS consolidates the LevelUp transactions with all other transaction information into one report that can be accessed anywhere.

Merchants can also take advantage of the fact that LevelUp has no payment processing fees and can participate in loyalty programs to retain customers.

“By integrating with ShopKeep, LevelUp is giving merchants the easiest possible way to build mobile payments into their existing POS system, letting merchants ring up sales and LevelUp payments on the same device and move more customers quickly through the line,” Mr. Prietbatsch said. “Integration makes the whole process dead simple for merchants and customers.”

Burger chain Larkburger is another merchant using LevelUp, with all seven Larkburger locations in Colorado accepting mobile payments via the app (see story).

“Merchants want their mobile payment utility to provide a lot of value and they also want to pick that one that has the biggest scale. Same with POS partners,” Mr. Prietbatsch said.

“No one wants to support 10 standards. Our 500K+ users, 0 percent interchange and powerful campaigns mean that we’re a great option for one of those coveted slots as a ‘standard’ option in the payment space,” he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York