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TD Bank optimizes account openings on mobile for added convenience

TD Bank is offering mobile-optimized Web pages for opening an account to meet the banking needs of on-the-go customers.

Mobile Account Opening is designed to help consumers opening an account easily and quickly no matter where they are. The optimized Web pages can be used to open checking, savings, money market or CD accounts by accessing using an Android or iPhone smartphone.

“‘Prime time,’ or typical usage for a PC, is typically between 9am and 4pm,” said Spencer Jones, head of digital channels at TD Bank. “However, most people live a very busy life and are often not near a PC.

“These days, we can use our phones for just about anything,” he said. “We can check our email, order a pizza, get the weather forecast, catch up on news and do our banking – all on the phone.

“For our on-the-go customers and potential customers, mobile optimized Web pages for account opening is a much faster and easier experience than traditional Web pages on their mobile devices.”

Bank on this
The TD Bank Mobile Account Opening pages have been design to make it faster and easier for mobile users to shop for and open banking accounts.

Mobile banking has quickly caught on with consumers by bringing added convenience to what is viewed by most as a time-consuming chore.

Given how quickly consumers have taken to mobile banking, financial institutions continue to look for ways to enhance the banking experience by leveraging mobile technology.

The ability to open an account from a mobile device is one such service that is gaining steam.

For example, U.S. Bank is testing a new mobile application in partnership with the Minnesota Twins that leverages the camera on an iPad to speed up credit card applications for baseball game attendees (see story).

The trend toward mobile account openings also points to how mobile is driving an evolution in how banks engage with consumers as some financial institutions look to cut down on the number of physical locations they have (see story).

Ease of use
Mobile Account Opening from TD Bank joins the banks other mobile capabilities which include an application that enables users to manage accounts, pay a bill, transfer funds or find the nearest store.

Last fall, TD Bank updated its mobile application with direct deposit to keep up with consumers who increasingly are taking to mobile as the first and primary way to bank (see story).

“Looking for information on a PC, Tablet or mobile are all very different experiences, and often used at different times,” Mr. Jones said. “TD Bank has designed the shopping and buying experience specifically for a mobile device – content selection, layout and page design all to make it easier to read and faster to navigate for our customers to open an account wherever they are, at any time.”

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York