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TD Ameritrade expands its mobile strategy to the Apple Watch

Brokerage firm TD Ameritrade has expanded its multichannel user experience onto the Apple Watch to create a seamless experience for its customers and help them get the most out the company’s mobile services.

The banking corporation is cognizant of how important a mobile presence is for customers when it comes to finances and is known for its mobile efforts. TD Ameritrade is launching an application for the watch, to coincide with its previous digital and mobile experience, as the Apple Watch taps its core demographic and extends its overall performance efforts.

“TD Ameritrade is a leader in the mobile space amongst brokerages,” said Kevin Finn, managing director of ecommerce at TD Ameritrade. “Our clients are the type that will go out and get an Apple Watch and they expect us to be wherever they are.

“They compare us to the leaders in mobile in general, Facebook, etc. and not just FinTech,” he said. “We have to develop an omnichannel presence.

“Clients do not come to us for information, we are expected to come to them. Technology is changing how our clients are engaging with us.”

Digital expansion
The Apple Watch app is the first of TD Ameritrade’s entrance into wearables. It is meant to complement its existing mobile app and digital Web site.

Users on the Apple Watch can view their watch lists, customized on their iPhone, stock summary and major indices on the watch screen.

There is also an option to use touch ID for trading and money movements, eliminating the need to continually entering passwords. The Touch ID also adds a layer of security to the app, which is a factor that many users on mobile are wary of, especially with banking.

The app also allows for mobile sharing of news and stories through social media platforms. Sharing stories and content from TD Ameritrade on social media not only benefits the user to seamlessly post, but also allows word to spread of the service.

Due to the TD Ameritrade’s highly optimized presence on mobile, users expect a high quality experience from the service. To best stay above competitors, especially in the mobile space, TD Ameritrade needs to consistently evolve its mobile practices.

The Apple Watch is an ideal advancement for the brokerage firm. Much of its demographic is already using the wearable technology, which means the app allows for the brand to cover its bases to ensure it is reaching its consumers wherever they are spending their time.

The current TD Ameritrade app on mobile devices allows users to manage their accounts, create customizable interactive charts and access to business news network CNBC content to make informed trading decisions.

Wading in
Entering into the Apple Watch and other wearables or smart watches is important for brands in the constantly evolving marketplace. However, it is important to wade in slowly and informed, as retailers should treat wearables the same as mobile.

A Citi executive at the Global Mobile Internet Conference New York 2015 revealed the best practices retailers should follow when entering the wearable space, including the importance of quick and painless features (see more).

Mass merchant giant Walmart recently introduced an Apple Watch application, suggesting that the device could have a broad market appeal while cementing the retailer’s role as a leader in mobile retail (see more).

“The TD Ameritrade Apple Watch app is not meant to be a different experience as much as it is a complement to our existing smartphone app,” Mr. Finn said. “We took the actions our clients do most, keeping tabs on the market and their positions and created a watch app that gives them quick, convenient access to that information.

“Our goal is to engage our clients in a way that provides value and helps reduce the worry factor,” he said. “We are giving our clients the ability to take stock of where they stand with the flick of the wrist without disrupting their day.

“We focus on creating a reliable, stable product for our clients. No one really knows how people are going to use the Apple Watch yet. We are pleasantly surprised at how well our Apple Watch app has already been received.”

Final Take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily