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Users can scan bar codes on books, video games, movies or CDs and swap with other members. The application is available for free in Apple’s App Store.

“The strategy is to build the largest community of swappers in the world online and offline,” said Jeff Bennett, CEO of, Boston. “We will accomplish this goal by enhancing the age-old concept of swapping through our Web site, mobile app and events.

“Mobile is an important component of our growth strategy to expand our user base and drive more engagement,” he said. “Swapping is a natural behavior that happens everywhere and mobile is very complementary to serving swappers everywhere.

“There are also many product extensions that can take advantage of the mobile device like the camera, location and payment options.” brings people together to swap their stuff via the company’s Web site, mobile app and local events.

Swap it
Consumers can access the application and simply hold the camera to any book, CD, movie or video game bar code.

Then, the app lets users know what they can swap it for or how many members are looking to swap it.

Users do not have to create an account until they are ready to swap.

Additionally, consumers who do have an account, can use the application to add as many items as they want to their Have and Want lists.

Users can initiate, accept or reject swaps and email and print shipping labels.

“ has more than one million members and many have been very interested in mobile,” Mr. Bennett said. “Swapping is also a very social behavior so we are also getting the word out through the social connections and channels.

“Mobile is an important part of our strategy to serve our existing and growing base of customers,” he said. “As we expand our marketplace and events we will do so through mobile.”

Mobile swap
When consumers make a swap they only pay the cost of shipping and a small transaction fee depending upon the items being swapped.

“The business is expanding rapidly and mobile is an important growth driver,” Mr. Bennett said. “We will continue to extend mobile to serve our base through this very important interface.

“We will expand categories, integrate events and other functionality for the swapper shopper,” he said. “We have a full road map for expanding mobile.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York