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Sports Authority extends reach of loyalty program via MapMyFitness app

Sporting goods retailer Sports Authority is motivating repeat purchases with a new mobile program in partnership with Under Armour that will enable customers to earn rewards by completing fitness activities on the MapMyFitness application.

Sports Authority partnered with athletic apparel brand Under Armour to create the program on MapMyFitness, which allows users to log their workouts and complete challenges in a competition to win various prizes from Sports Authority. Providing consumers with tangible rewards for their efforts can foster loyalty and encourage athletic activity, positioning Sports Authority as a support system and ally.

“This first-of-its-kind partnership with Under Armour directly links workout activity to The League by Sports Authority loyalty rewards,” said Crissy Davis, vice president of customer strategy at Sports Authority. “It is a win-win for users to be able to earn The League points and rewards simply by being active.

“Mobile expands the possibilities for loyalty and rewards programs,” Ms. Davis said. “Through the MapMyFitness platform, we are able to better connect with loyal customers and keep Sports Authority top of mind outside of their purchase cycle.”

On the map
Sports Authority’s new endeavor is available for members of The League, the retailer’s current loyalty rewards program. Users can connect their The League mobile account with the new program on MapMyFitness, a platform designed to record physical activity.

Linking the two accounts will allow users to log their workouts and earn points that can then be redeemed at Sports Authority locations and online. Activities such as walking, running, cycling and working out will qualify users to receive points.

The system is designed to encourage users to exercise regularly as opposed to all at once. A maximum amount of points earned per day ensures that athletes will participate for an extended period of time and establish a long-term relationship with Sports Authority.

Users earn 25 points when they initially connect their The League and MapMyFitness accounts, and an addition 25 points can be acquired by linking an activity tracking device such as FitBit to the app. Subsequent points are earned by logging physical activity.

Sports Authority and Under Armour are opening the collaboration with a fitness challenge called “Back on Track,” which will give users the opportunity to win a $500 dollar Sports Authority gift certificate. Future challenges will be announced throughout the year, inspiring consumers to continue using the app and keep up with their fitness routines.

The mobile program will allow consumers to stay connected with Sports Authority throughout the day as they have constant access to their fitness logs and point count. In addition to building consumer loyalty and encouraging physical activity, the app and reward program will inspire consumers to get excited about working out.

Mobile motivation
Sports Authority has previously used mobile applications to connect with consumers and provide rewards.

For example, in 2013 the retailer expanded its integration with the shopkick application to all stores nationwide on Dec. 19, just in time for the holidays.

Shopkick app users had the ability to earn “kicks” – virtual credit or “kickbucks” – on their mobile devices as they walked in any Sports Authority store, instead of the limited number that offered it before. Mobile incentives such as this drive sales and can help increase foot traffic in bricks-and-mortar stores (see story).

Under Armour has also taken advantage of the convenience of mobile applications to help consumers stay on top of their workouts. Earlier this year, Under Armour bulked up on mobile by enabling consumers to easily manage their health and activity levels via a new digital data network that syncs with the brand’s mobile application as well as third-party devices.

The sports clothing and accessories retailer launched the UA Record app to help connect customers to their digital communities and offer quick access to fitness goals, from getting a certain amount of sleep each night to burning calories through exercise. Under Armour recognizes that users appreciate support when working towards physical or mental goals, prompting the brand to offer the ability to share content such as workout stories and videos within the app (see story).

Sports Authority’s new collaboration with Under Armour will allow the retailer to enhance its personal relationship with consumers.

“Leveraging mobile plays a key role in connecting with our customers to reward them for the workouts and activities that they already do today,” Ms. Davis said. “At Sports Authority, our goal is to creating more relevancy on the type of communication our customers receive based on their activities.”

Final Take
Kay Sorin, freelancer for Mobile Commerce Daily, New York