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Smartphone shoppers expected to spend 72pc more than non-smartphone shoppers: study

Deloitte has released new findings from its “2012 Holiday Survey,” which point to consumers using online and mobile to research and shop this holiday season. With more consumers using smartphones and tablets as shopping guides, retailers need to be viewing mobile as more than a direct sales channel.

“I think retailers are grappling with what to do – many are focused on mobile as an exclusive sales channel, but they need to look at it differently and how it drives sales to other channels,” said Lisa Gomez, principal of retail practice at Deloitte, New York.

Tis the season
According to Deloitte’s newest round of findings, 68 percent of smartphone users plan to use their devices this holiday season to shop. Smartphone owners are expected to spend $1,428 on gifts this holiday season.

Additionally, 71 percent of consumers are more likely to shop from retailers that offer free shipping. Fifty-six percent of users are more likely to shop from retailers that offer free returns, showing how savvy digital shoppers are to coupons and offers.

Sixty-seven percent of consumers expect to learn more about products that they buy this holiday season through a combination of mobile, social and Web resources.

With more consumers on mobile devices, 48 percent of shoppers say that they will use social media as part of the holiday shopping experience.

When it comes to what consumers are doing on their mobile devices, 62 percent use them to find store locations, and 58 percent plan to use their handsets to check and compare prices.

Fifty percent of consumers look for product information via their mobile device.

Multichannel connector
Deloitte predicts that smartphones will influence $36 billion – or 5.1 percent – of in-store sales this holiday season.

Therefore, it is critical that retailers view mobile as a way to drive cross-channel sales.

For example, tying a location-based mobile coupon to an in-store activity can be a great way for marketers to leverage the technology.

Twenty-two percent of consumers look for retailers to ship items to their homes. Nineteen percent of shoppers look for either self or mobile check-out as a reason to shop from a retailer’s bricks-and-mortar locations.

Price is one of the biggest differentiators this holiday season for digital shoppers.

Twenty-seven percent of consumers surveyed said that they were most likely to shop from retailers that offer in-aisle bar code-scanners.

Additionally, 47 percent of consumers surveyed said that price is most important when shopping online.

This shows how marketers need to be approaching showrooming head-on this holiday season. In particular, retail-branded apps can be particularly effective at helping retailers.

“Conversion rates in-store that use a retail-branded app is 21 percent than those without one,” Ms. Gomez said.

“These apps provide a relevant and immediate buying decision – making it personalized and relevant to the consumer in the store,” she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York