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ShopSavvy upgrades app for comprehensive price comparison

The ShopSavvy app claims to have 40 million downloads. Over the past few years, the company has continuously updated its app with new features and formed partnerships to target consumers with relevant offers.

“ShopSavvy customers increasingly are demanding multiple images, videos and hundreds of detailed product attributes,” said Rylan Barnes, cofounder/chief technology officer at ShopSavvy, New York.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of ShopSavvy Wallet purchases, so more users are demanding better product information, reviews, and social advice before they buy,” he said. “By providing enhanced product information, we’re giving our users more confidence in their in-app purchases and providing more comprehensive information than they can get from any other mobile application.”

Updated shopping
ShopSavvy has updated the app’s user interface to create an easier-to-use shopping experience.

Pictures have also been made to higher-resolution formats to give users a more comprehensive look at products.

Additionally, the app now includes more videos that consumers can watch from the app’s product screens.

ShopSavvy claims that there is a 30 percent increase in special deals and offers inside the revamped app. This is from the company’s growing number of partnerships.

The app has also boosted its recommendation features with a ‘related products’ section that helps consumers find new products based on their interests.

To keep the app updated with content, consumers now have more choices to correct and add information.

The company claims that the app updates will help move consumers through the process of comparison shopping to ultimately buy through ShopSavvy’s Wallet.

One of the biggest features to ShopSavvy’s app is its wallet, which lets consumers store their payment and shipping information. Once consumers find a product that they want to buy, they can buy from a retailer’s site by confirming their information to shop from the app.

Comparison shopping
Third-party shopping apps have made a splash in the industry by going head on with big retailers.

Compared to branded apps that may be aimed at a retailer’s group of loyal members, third-party apps are primarily targeted towards consumers that are price comparing in-store.

ShopSavvy has been active in the mobile space for a while.

For example, in July 2011 the company partnered with SpotZot to serve consumers localized and targeted deals (see story).

Earlier that year, the company tapped Groupon to target its users with tailored offers and deals (see story).

As consumers continue to use their mobile devices in-store to help them shop, it is crucial that marketers continue to upgrade their apps to keep users on their toes.

“With apps like ShopSavvy, brands and retailers can take advantage of a new marketing opportunity to reach consumers at the most pivotal time – at the point of sale, with the product in the consumer’s hand,” Mr. Barnes said.

“Brands and retailers are able to target users based on their interests and location to provide highly relevant and valuable offers,” he said. “Shopping has grown by moving from in-store only to ecommerce and now mcommerce. ShopSavvy helps encourage this transition.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York