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Shopkick adds lookbooks to mobile app to drive in-store traffic

The company has created full lookbooks that give consumers the ability to save items at home that then show up right when they walk-in to an in-store location.

“Shopkick just created the arc from the couch to the store and for the first time integrated and personalized from intent generation at home on the to intent direction when you walk into the store,” said Cyriac Roeding, cofounder/CEO  of shopkick.

“Shopkick now encompasses the complete physical retail experience by helping consumers scope out offers and rewards before they leave the house, driving behavior once they are in the store, and rewarding users for their purchases and actions,” he said. “Closing this gap from couch to store makes it easier for consumers to visualize and plan their shopping experience, which in turn creates more value for shopkick’s brand and retail partners.

“For example, the app features lookbooks, which lets users browse products and offers while at home or away from the store and users can then save deals on the go and the shopkick app will remind them of that offer when they walk into the store. Our app makes shopping more rewarding.”

New interface
The new shopkick app lets consumers browse lookbooks that reveal must-have items by store or brand.

Consumers can simply drag and tag desired products and then walk into a partner store. From there, they will receive an on-screen reminder that displays when those saved products are available.

“Mobile will become not just another marketing channel, but a new operating system for many consumer facing companies, especially bricks-and-mortar retailers,” Mr. Roeding said.

“Smartphones are the only interactive medium consumers carry with them while they are at home and in the store,” he said. “That changes everything.

“The store is suddenly interactive, but competitors are also always present – by phone.”

Past efforts
Shopkick has been ramping up its mobile efforts over the last year.

Earlier this year, Macy’s expanded its partnership with shopkick to drive in-store traffic and reward consumers with exclusive deals and offers when they walk-in to more than 800 of its nationwide stores.

The entire rollout was deployed by Mood Media Corp. Through its existing Mood Media audio system, Macy’s was able to instantly activate the shopkick signal and allow consumers nationwide to start receiving rewards and offers (see story).

Most recently, shopkick hired Alexis Rask to help further the company’s position in mobile commerce, as well as create targeted and effective in-application marketing campaigns.

Ms. Rask will now serve as shopkick’s new vice president and general manager of brand partnerships. Additionally, the executive will help in developing relationships with brands (see story).

“Shopkick’s redesign uses some of the convenience and interactivity that have made online shopping so addicting and successful and combines it with the rich sensory experience and immediate gratification benefit of the physical retail world,” Mr. Roeding said.

“So in the future, the line between online and physical retail will continue to blur as applications become more full-featured and the gap narrows between the couch and the store,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York