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ShoeBuy exec: Video, content and social all required to reach mobile users

During the Looking at Innovation in Retail: Growing Your Business in 2015 and Beyond session, the executive described the balance it takes to be a true innovator in the retail space, and that mobile is now key. All the categories of retail have now shifted towards mobile and retailers must make the shift as well, while battling the challenges that the technology presents.

“We are investing a lot in adding content to the experience when you are buying footwear, when you are buying apparel it is interesting to see the statistics how quickly these categories have moved to mobile,” said Anabela Perozek, chief marketing officer at “It is really important that you capture people quickly, because you do not have a lot of time to capture them and obviously you have a much smaller device to do so.

“But you have got to reach people in all kinds of ways,” she said. “So whether it is with video, with content around the product, or if it is with social, you really need to reach them.

“I would say we are finding that, that is an important part of our ranks. It is really changing how we are changing marketing overall, and it is really changing how marketers overall are thinking.”

Mobile methods
Mobile technology has opened up the door for marketers to connect more personally with consumers. But also, it has a opened up numerous channels to connect with these untethered users, and it can be difficult to decide how to best appeal to them.

Consumer distraction is becoming more and more prominent as more of these mobile channels emerge and marketers get involved. Retailers must find methods in creating loyal followers, which is harder to do than ever before.

The mobile space is highly important to consumers, and retailers need to be cognizant of that. Many consumers are searching for more information regarding products through mobile, but may not be purchasing this way.

This does not mean retailers should forgot about the platform. That customer is likely to follow onto desktop and make that purchase.

Retailers that develop services in which customers can seamlessly access their cart and various information on multiple platforms are more likely to generate a positive brand sentiment as well as complete a sale.

Streamlining optimization
When it comes to innovation in the mobile and digital space it is important to focus on the overall experience for the customers and not just checkout. Retailers should being engaging these digital guests, and not just pushing them towards the purchasing page.

Digital and mobile innovation should be leveraged as tactics to further secure a relationship with a customer. Focusing on making sure that the checkout process is streamlined is important, but retailers should make that the process in getting there is enough to make your brand memorable.

For ShoeBuy it is important not to just jump in on whatever other retailers are doing in the mobile and digital, or copy competitors. The digital shoe retailer’s competitor is Zappos, which focuses highly on customer service.

Although Zappos innovates a substantial amount of customer service ventures, ShoeBuy feels that it is important not to copy these tactics as the retailers are two very different companies.

“[Creating content] is going to become increasingly important with mobile,” Ms. Perozek said. “Often customers will see things and they just want to add to cart.”

“Even if they go back later and finish the purchase somewhere else, there is still that feeling of ‘I can just do this right now.'”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer