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Segafredo transforms distribution with sales and delivery app

Coffee chain Segafredo Zanetti France is rolling out a new mobile application that allows drivers and sales team members to receive and complete restaurant orders while on-the-go, underscoring the importance of leveraging mobile for the supply side.

The French subsidiary of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group is striving to fuel sales by teaming up with Magic’s Enterprise Mobility Solution to power a mobile direct store delivery app, a tool that could transform the brand’s distribution processes. While plenty of food and beverage marketers introduce mobile ordering apps to fulfill consumer demand, Segafredo is thinking long-term by implementing necessary features to help maintain product supply and increase efficiency for employees.

“Drivers who deliver can now take orders and take on sales roles, especially because the app makes it so easy for the user to take orders and generate immediate receipts,” said Dominique Berger, account manager at Magic France. “Requiring retailers to place orders in advance can lead to out-of-stock situations when an order isn’t made on time.

“By enabling retailers to place orders on the spot, Segafredo can generate sales that would have been missed.”

Revamping retail approaches
Segafredo, which has locations in countries around the world, including the United States, is now enabling drivers and sales team members in France to take advantage of the mobile app. As the chain readies itself to fuel retail sales, it is ensuring that it keeps employees at the front-and-center of its plans.

The brand’s team members and commercial drivers will all receive Samsung tablets, with which they can receive and complete orders from restaurants while on-the-go. The app will enable them to finish tasks immediately, a tactic that will drive efficiency and help maintain product supply.

The company’s ERP system will also be kept up-to-date with real-time inventory, delivery and invoicing transactions.

Another added bonus is the app’s capability of providing offline usage. If Internet coverage becomes unavailable or spotty, users will still be able to access important information.

Segafredo Zanetti France claims it enjoys increased sales as a result of being able to quickly process impulse purchases and updated inventory. In turn, this promotes better operational efficiency among workers and enhanced customer service.

The food and beverage sector’s quick-service needs are well-suited to the constant connectivity that mobile offers.

Marrying mobile with business
Mobile is steadily becoming a must-have channel for any business seeking to bolster revenue, regardless of industry.

Apparel chains are also joining the fray when it comes to tapping mobile to better manage product information.

Los Angeles-based boutique chain M. Fredric introduced a new inventory management app over the summer, allowing the retailer to make more accurate inventory decisions while on-the-go (see story).

“In addition to helping retailers avoid out-of-stock situations, mobile direct store delivery apps can improve quality and freshness by enabling retailers to constantly replenish stock that may have short shelf-life at a ‘just in time’ inventory level,” Mr. Berger said. “This also helps create a lean supply chain.”

Therefore, it is imperative for brands’ mobile apps to fully integrate with enterprise information systems.

Additionally, marketers may find value in the growing trend of providing employees with tablets or smartphones. Retailers and food brands alike could improve efficiency and service by offering branded devices that enable managers to communicate with associates and easily check inventory for desired items.

An executive with R/GA at the Mobile Media Summit explained that retailers should focus on mobile efforts that can make the bricks-and-mortar space a better experience for shoppers, such as equipping associates with technology to make them a bigger asset (see story).

Segafredo Zanetti France will likely reap positive benefits from the app as adoption continues to climb.

“Because the app runs on a familiar Samsung tablet device with an intuitive user experience, the app is very user-friendly and adoption rates are expected to be high,” Mr. Berger said.