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SavingStar expands mobile coupon distribution via OmniBeam app

SavingStar has partnered with mobeam on the OmniBeam mobile app, which is available in Google Play and the Samsung App stores. The app integrates into the loyalty programs of more than 100 grocery and drug store chains.

“The mobeam app lets consumers store their loyalty cards, gift cards, and membership cards, and beam those cards for scanning,” said Josh Grossman, director of marketing at SavingStar.

“Additionally, the mobeam app lets consumers access and redeem SavingStar eCoupons by scanning or beaming their loyalty cards when checking out at over 100 grocery and drugstore chains nationwide,” he said.

“It further enhances shoppers’ use of SavingStar eCoupons as they no longer need to carry their loyalty cards in their wallet at stores where flat-bed scanners were previously unable to scan their card unless the physical card was presented.”

Save on mobile
Digital grocery coupons from SavingStar are loaded into the app. The offers can then be stored and redeemed directly from the app.

Consumers can also use a virtual gift card to pay for goods via the app.

Once the information from a loyalty card is selected, consumers push a button and point their mobile device at the store’s scanner at the point of sale.

Consumers can also use a virtual gift card to pay for goods via the app.

The app then virtually collects the money that consumers save using the app so that the funds can be deposited into a bank account, redeemed via an Amazon gift card or added to a PayPal account.

Small-purchase opportunity
Grocery stores have a big opportunity with mobile to not only help consumers save money on incremental purchases, but also increase loyalty programs to drive repeat foot traffic.

The key with using mobile at the point-of-sale for many of these brands is a simple user experience.

In addition to aggregated apps, grocery chains and supermarkets have been rolling out their own stand-alone mobile apps.

For example, Kroger recently unveiled a new mobile application to leverage its loyalty program around coupons and prescription refills (see story).

Additionally, ShopRite launched a mobile application earlier this year that makes it possible to place orders and schedule pick-up times (see story).

“Our strategy in releasing OmniBeam – our first app – was to focus on providing value directly to consumers with coupons savings using our beaming technology,” said Marcia Donner, chief operating officer at Mobeam, Palo Alto, CA.

“This app showcases our technology combined with value for a consumer at over 25,000 grocery and drug stores in the United States,” she said.

“We will continue to focus on opportunities and applications utilizing our barcode beaming technology with retailers and venues everywhere.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York