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Responsive design top-of-mind at eTail West


Many marketers are already turning to responsive design to streamline the mobile experience. Furthermore, retailers are incorporating the technology into their initiatives to make the mobile shopping process more seamless across all devices.

According to Greg Schmitzer, president of Mad Mobile, Tampa, FL, responsive design can help marketers – if done correctly.

At times, it seems that many retailers want to take a short cut and carry out responsive design without taking the appropriate measures.

However, you cannot simply take your existing desktop site – with no changes – and fit it all onto a smaller screen.

During a session at the conference, Jeremy Swift, vice president of strategic accounts at BlueHornet, San Diego, CA, said that marketers should not just implement responsive design for the sake of doing so.

Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results, Ann Arbor, MI

Customer experiences
In addition to responsive design, customer experiences are key. 

Elissa Margolis, vice president of ecommerce and marketing at Disney, Pasadena, CA said that a major focus in the company’s site design was extending the customer experience and making it consistent across all channels.

The company is now working to improve customer experience through social, by using it as a two-way conversation platform, rather than strictly a marketing tool.

Tim Katz, director of ecommerce operations at PacSun, Anaheim, CA, esaid that its contact preference center allows customers to choose specific ways that they would like to be contacted.

This makes it easier for them to retain clients due to the fact that people are getting contacted in ways that they have already approved, rather than being bombarded by marketing across all platforms.

PacSun’s mobile optimization across all platforms is another way the company works to please its customers.

According to Mr. Katz, the company’s key demographic is stuck to their devices. Therefore, PacSun feeds them information in the way that best speaks to them.