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Rainbow Shops plans mobile app for deeper customer connections

Apparel and accessories retailer Rainbow Shops is developing a mobile application to grab a piece of growing mobile commerce sales as users become more comfortable with purchasing on smaller screens.

Mobile is opening up the opportunity for smaller retailers such as Rainbow Shops to gain a greater amount of customers on more connective level, beyond the limited local scale. The retailer is currently in development for a retail mobile app, launching in the upcoming year, to provide customers with an in-store shopping companion as well as an at-home retail experience.

“Launching a mobile app gives Rainbow Shops an opportunity to connect with customers on a deeper level,” said David Cost, vice president of ecommerce and digital marketing at Rainbow Shops. “When a customer installs our app they are raising their commitment to our brand.

“They are dedicating screen real estate to our logo on a device they will look at hundreds of times a day,” he said. “Push notifications will let us communicate with them in a more direct way.

“The app will make it easier for our customers to ‘Shop, Wear and Share’ their #RainbowStyle.”

Oven Bits is the developer behind the upcoming app.

A mobile rainbow
Rainbow will be launching a mobile app available for iOS and Android later this year. The retailer is hoping to build a loyal following, which it can access through their most personal device anytime and anywhere.

A user opting in for an app install is a retailer’s most loyal customer. For Rainbow, gaining insight and direct access to these loyal followers is a big win in the long term.

The retailer will be working on ad campaigns and pushes for incentives for users to download the mobile app. The app itself will integrate with users’ mobile social media platforms to spread greater awareness and connect with a broader audience, reliant on consumer recommendations.

A loyalty program will be integrated with the mobile app, which is another incentive for frequent shoppers to download the app, drive sales and promote a positive brand sentiment. Developers are also working on introducing features that include shoppable looks, push notifications, 3D Touch experience and Apple Pay capability.

Retail app importance
Similarly, Macy’s angled for strong first-quarter mobile sales with the implementation of 3D Touch into its iOS application, as well as new shopper-friendly features for Apple Watch owners (see more).

Lifestyle retailer Anthropologie also wrapped up mobile sales by rolling out a slew of new iPhone application features, including the ability to access order history and send registry messages to share favorited items with friends (see more).

“We evaluated many mobile application developers,” Mr. Cost said. “Oven Bits stood out and won the business based on their demonstrated excellence in user design and experience.

“Oven Bits apps look and feel different,” he said. “They delight the user with a unique experience that is far and beyond mobile web.

“This unique experience drives app success and sales in three very important ways, provides initial motivation to download our app, increases sharing and customer acquisition, people like to share unique and cool experiences with their friends, and drives engagement and engagement drives sales.”