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Progressive takes Snapshot into modern age with mobile app

Progressive Insurance is introducing a new mobile application for its Snapshot service, a move that could drive adoption by making it easier for customers to earn rewards for their good driving habits.

While mobile has been a staple in various sectors of retail for a while, many fields such as insurance have evaded a shift towards efforts in smartphone devices, but Progressive is making that leap by bringing Snapshot to an app. Snapshot is the insurance company’s good driving reward program, in which customer progress can now be tracked through the new app.

“Our customers today are more tech-savvy and on-the-go than they’ve ever been, and they want information and insights in real-time,” said Dave Pratt, general manager of usage-based insurance at Progressive. “After years of careful research, we have found a mobile app that will accurately capture driving data to help them make better driving decisions, allow us to reward them when they do, and ultimately make our roads safer.”

Snapping success
Progressive’s Snapshot program offers discounts to customers with good driving records by giving them devices which track their driving data and determines whether or not they can receive a discounts. The new app now allows consumers easy access to their vehicle data and information on how to better receive discounts.

Progressive will introduce its Snapshot app to consumers in the future

The good driver program was introduced a few years ago, but has had slow pickup with customers. Despite its name, the insurance company was not acting exceedingly progressive and refrained from introducing a mobile app to coincide with the service.

Now users can download the Snapshot app and be able to adjust their driving strategy accordingly based on real-time driving history data for a better chance at a discount.

However, in the past Snapshot customers were only able to receive reports through desktop and email. Drivers plugged Progressive’s device into their vehicles and following a 175-day period users were able to see whether or not they were available for a discount and data details via its Website or email.

The device records information such as speed, acceleration, braking, time of day, how frequent and where you drive. Based off this information, the device will determine if the user receives a discount.

Now, customers can follow along on their mobile devices to be sure they are staying within the safe driving limits to receive a discounts, and what to do to improve. The app shares information such as a one to five star rating, data summary, map of travel and personalized tips.

The new app may remove the stigma in the eyes of customers, making the information personally available to users right in their hands, as many view the original program as emulating Big Brother.

While the Snapshot app is not yet available for download, it is rolling out testing and will be available for iOS and Android.

Auto-mobile era
Allstate Insurance is also moving to mobile by providing consumers with more incentive to drive safely by updating its application to feature Allstate Rewards, a platform that enables users to accumulate points to redeem for deals such as gift cards, local offers and brand merchandise (see more).

Vehicle retailers are also moving into the mobile age. For instance, an executive at the sixth annual Mobile Marketing Day conference revealed that the automotive site is planning a future in beacons at various dealerships to engage with car buyers (see more).

“The Snapshot mobile app will automatically monitor and measure drivers’ data, such as time of day, mileage and hard braking, to earn a discount on auto insurance through Progressive’s program,” Mr. Pratt said. “At the end of each trip, the mobile app will give drivers personalized information, including a one to five star rating, a data summary, a map of their drive, and tailored driving tips, to help them improve their score.

“New Snapshot customers will have the option to use either the Snapshot app, available for both iOS and Android operating systems, or the traditional telematics device,” he said. “The goal here is to make Snapshot as easy as possible for consumers to utilize and share their data with us, and a mobile options allows us to bring this offering to a new, tech-savvy group of drivers.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily