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PayPal mobile payment volume nearly triples on Cyber Monday

According to PayPal, consumers are turning to their smartphones and tablets more than ever to elevate their shopping experiences. IPhone, IPad, Android, as well as Kindle, and Galaxy tablets were the top devices used to meet consumers’ mobile shopping needs.

“Old habits die hard and shoppers still look to Cyber Monday as a big online shopping day during the holiday season,” said Claudia Lombana, shopping specialist at PayPal.

“This year marks a huge shift in online shopping behaviors as more and more shoppers are using their mobile devices to make those purchases,” she said.

Mobile shopping shift
In addition to PayPal, eBay more than doubled its mobile payment volume on Cyber Monday compared to last year.

Similarly, on Cyber Monday, GSI saw a 287 percent increase in mobile sales compared to last year.

According to PayPal, on Cyber Monday, consumers around the world shopped on mobile most frequently from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. pacific standard time.

These results are further proof that mobile is becoming the channel that consumers are turning to make their holiday purchases – not only for convenience, but a better shopping experience overall.

According to’s mobile and online report for Cyber Monday, 13 percent of the company’s traffic came from traffic, while 9 percent came from tablets.

In addition, PriceGrabber saw an increase of 3,230 percent of smartphone traffic and 775 percent of traffic coming from tablet devices, compared to Cyber Monday 2011.

Top searched categories from smartphone deices included clothing, electronics, indoor living, sporting goods and toys.

Consumers using their tablets devices to shop mostly searched for clothing, electronics, indoor living, sporting goods and computers.

According to IBM’s Digital Analytics Benchmark, online sales on Cyber Monday increased 30 percent compared to last year.

Additionally, the company found that more consumers were using their mobile devices.

According to the report, more than 18 percent of consumers used a smartphone or tablet to do their Cyber Monday shopping.

Furthermore, mobile-based sales account for 13 percent of all online deals on Cyber Monday.

IBM also reported that iPad devices dominated mobile device use on Cyber Monday, accounting for 7 percent of all online sales and more than 90 percent of the purchases made on tablets.

“The breakout star this year was mobile,” said Jay Henderson, strategy director at IBM. “We saw the highest levels of traffic and mobile sales compared to last year.

“The highest day for mobile was Thanksgiving Day and tablets also played a big role – especially the iPad,” he said. “Obviously the numbers show that consumers are comfortable with making purchases via mobile.

“But it’s combined with other factors. Consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets increased. Additionally, we saw retailers incentivize consumers to use their mobile phones and tablets to shop this year.”

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