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Nudestix drives sales with millennials through Perfect 365 makeover app

Makeup manufacturer Nudestix has partnered with makeover mobile application Perfect 365 on a virtual trial experience to drive mcommerce sales.  

Perfect 365 is offering users of the app a new filter to try on makeup by Nudestix and share via social media with a created hashtag. Interested users can then buy the products directly within the app, driving awareness and sales for the brand and offering a unique experience for users.

“The app Perfect 365 is extremely accurate, this has allowed them to accumulate reportedly 60 million users,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta. “Reportedly more than half of these users are under 25 and the average age group for ‘managing the perfect selfie.

“Reaching the correct demographic and being readily available for purchases on mobile could very well allow the purchases of the products consumers are using virtually to be an extremely effective sales driver for Nudestix,” she said.

Perfect fit
Nudestix is a makeup brand started by young sisters Ally and Taylor, along with their mother Jenny. The sisters are millennial models that focus on what is known in the beauty industry as no-makeup makeup.

The brand offers a variety of products that accentuate consumer’s features with a more natural appearance.

The makers behind the makeup are young models, which makes their products appealing to the younger demographic. Their partnership with Perfect365 fits well, as the app skews to younger users with more than 60 percent of its user base being under the age of 25.

Users of Perfect365 take selfies within the app and can play with various filters and makeup looks on top of their photo. Nudestix is offering virtual filters featuring its products.

The partnership allows Nudestix to broaden its awareness with its key demographic, many of which may not have known about the brand beforehand. Integrating a buying experience within the app allows for a direct connection to purchase products.

Offering an integrated shopping experience means that consumers are more likely to purchase products. The least courses of actions separating the final checkout stage and consumer interest, the more likely it is for the sale to come to fruition.

Nudestix and Perfect365 fans can share their virtual looks through social media, which broadens the audience even further. Social media users are encouraged to include the hashtag #GoNude in their posts.

In-app buying
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“Perfect365 reportedly has the users already which is extremely helpful for Nudestix to develop a base to grow larger organically,” Ms. Troutman. “The brand authenticity and the growth of consumers with these two companies working together is to be seen, as long as Nudestix is able to produce what they promise and end up with happy consumers this brand could grow quickly.

“With this success ArcSoft will very possibly have several options available to them regarding the app Perfect365, especially with so many high profile makeup companies,” she said.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily