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Newegg coddles mcommerce sales with streamlined apps, site

Digital electronics retailer Newegg recently launched a complete makeover of its applications and mobile site to streamline the checkout process and drive sales via iCloud integration, search optimization and exclusive deals, among other new offerings.

Newegg launched the overhaul of its mobile app and site, complete with iCloud and multiplatform integration, search and shopping optimization, a streamlined purchasing process and mobile-exclusive deals. The retailer is hoping to enhance the mobile experience as much as possible for shoppers, to ensure positive sales results.

“Customers browse and purchase on mobile devices more frequently than ever, so it is critical we stay at the top of our mobile game with a great mobile site and apps to match,” said James Wu, chief operating officer at Newegg. “Streamlined navigation and new features make this the best Newegg mobile shopping experience to-date.

“These improvements will help Newegg retain its consistently high customer satisfaction rank most recently ranked number 4 in Foresee’s Customer Satisfaction Score for mobile,” he said. “This mobile redesign is also timed to ensure we’re prepared for the upcoming holiday season so our customers can shop Newegg anywhere, at any time.”

New age for Newegg
The complete update allows the retailer to get a leg up on mobile sales. Consumers are taking to their untethered devices more and more to search for products and deals, and with the overload of content available, retailers need to make sure their mobile products are as tuned as possible.

The digital retailer updated each of its mobile properties and now ensures a seamless cross-channel experience in which users can jump from devices and pick up where they left off.

A new mobile Web site was launched, which includes an updated experience in site navigation for easier product discovery as well as a function to compare various products within a subset and a seamless checkout. Users can access the site at for an experience specially developed for mobile.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android were updated as well. Users will now be served a custom homepage personalized with shortcuts to favorite product categories, price-alerts and a barcode scanner to compare Newegg products to those of other bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Newegg app users can compare products from lists as well as on the direct product page and no longer need to enter in a discount code at checkout for products with deals. The retailer is also offering deals exclusive to its mobile app.

Mobile upgrades
Additions such as mobile-only deals and product comparisons allow Newegg to stay competitive within the mobile-age, evolving with consumer behavior.

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“We have taken a new approach with the design of the mobile platform,” Mr. Wu said. “In the past, our mobile design followed the desktop site’s features and experience.

“However, customers shop differently on mobile devices: they shop in different settings, at different times and with different goals,” he said. “Today’s mobile users may use more than one device to complete their shopping journey.

“Our mobile updates incorporate our own extensive research and usability testing, combined with our own knowledge and experience to streamline the mobile shopping experience for our customers.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily