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Motel 6 debuts My 6 mobile app to smooth out booking process

Motel 6 is launching itself into the mobile era with a new mobile application that aims to make the process of booking a room seamless and quick with the help of mobile technology.

The app is available at Motel 6 as well as its sister companies. The app is also making use of the streamlining effect of Apple Pay.

“We worked with Prolific to create a mobile app that would offer customers a smarter, more personalized and interactive experience. I believe that the new ‘My 6’ app captures all those qualities,” said Lance Miceli, chief marketing officer of G6 Hospitality, the parent company of Motel 6.

Motel 6
Travel, by its nature, usually finds customers in new places; meaning that finding their way around and making their way to the place they will be staying is of paramount importance.

It is because of this that Motel 6 has launched its new mobile app, which uses GPS and mobile payments to make it easy for customers to book hotels, find them and check-in, all through their mobile device.

The app is called My 6 and was developed in partnership with Prolific Interactive. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

Its integrated GPS system does more than just help customers find their motels. It can also help consumers pick out nearby areas of interest and will even recommend restaurants and entertainment to the app user.

“With the complete overhaul of our digital ecosystem, including the launch of our new website this past year, we are thrilled to now offer an additional platform to enhance guest experience through the ‘My 6’ app’s convenient booking process, which will also provide guests with location-based immersive experience recommendations.”

Mobile hospitality
The move comes a few months after the brand announced it was seeing bigger numbers from mobile conversions (see story).

The hospitality brand is latching onto the dominant wave of mobile as the new primary method that customers interact with brands in the digital world.

In addition to making booking a room easier, the app also intends to be of more comprehensive help, directing customers to nearby attractions and serving as a sort of virtual travel agent.

Airbnb has done similar work with its app, upgrading it with the ability to recommend attractions and restaurants near where the consumer is staying (see story).

“Through our partnership with G6 Hospitality, we were able to create a thoughtful, intuitive, mobile experience that allows users to book rooms quickly and continue on their journey,” said Bobak Emamian, CEO of Prolific Interactive. “The ‘My 6’ app offers guests the ability to search by location, view pictures of the property, select a room type and even obtain travel directions. It also provides access to existing reservations and the ability to develop and modify a user profile.”