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Mobile payments have significant opportunity with tech-savvy moms

Mobile payments are proving to be an effective tool for the modern mom, who is increasingly tech-savvy and eager to embrace the convenience that smartphones bring to her hectic life.

As the demographic is quick to take on any technology that can streamline their busy schedules all mobile payment platforms are fair game for tech savvy moms, with 28 percent claiming interest in these applications. Parents in the modern era are busy juggling demanding schedules with kids to handle as well, and any payment app can help alleviate the need to have their hands full with various accessories.

“Based on our Mobile Mom 2015 study, we know that 11 percent of moms have already used mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and another 28 percent are considering it,” said Julie Michaelson, head of global sales at BabyCenter. “In addition, a whopping 87 percent are familiar with apps like these, and we are already seeing adoption rising higher in some areas than others, in Atlanta and Dallas in particular, where 25 percent and 24 percent of moms respectively have said they used mobile payments.

“This technology is definitely in their wheelhouse,” she said.

Moms and mobile
Retailers with mobile payment platforms hope to fare well with moms, as they are already comfortable with the brand image and digital properties of these big names such as Starbucks and Target. But that does not mean that tech giants do not stand a chance when it comes to mobile payments.

Mothers with smartphones are familiar with the brand of device they choose, so Apple Pay and mobile payment options on Android phones as well are a viable option for this demographic. While the general market as whole has been slow to adopt mobile payments and the massive number of companies involved has diluted the industry quite a bit, moms are still fair game.

“If they are juggling an infant or toddler with their phone in one hand and their wallet buried deep in their bag, then apps like these become a huge convenience,” Ms. Michaelson said. “As we well know, that can happen anywhere, whether shopping for groceries at Target or on a quick Starbucks run.

“I imagine that use will be spread out among all the stores moms typically visit,” she said.

Mobile organization
While organization is key with this demographic, one platform that can encompass a wide range of retailers can be most helpful as it eliminates the need for a cluttered amount of apps. For instance, Apple Pay’s large inventory of retail partners as well as its large foundation of iPhone owners can only help its adoption rate, especially with moms.

Mobile payment options are also helping retailers drive sales with mothers, as the user experience increases impulse buying and decreases cart abandonment rates with its convenience, especially with online and mobile shopping.

“Moms are much more tech-savvy than they often get credit for, and they are always looking for ways to make their lives easier,” Ms. Michaelson said. “That is where smartphones come in.

“They are with moms at all times and act as a modern-day Swiss army knife,” she said. “Mobile payments are a great new addition to that toolkit, and we have seen that moms are very open to the idea.

“In fact, in our Mobile Mom 2015 study, one-in-four moms said their smartphone is like their digital wallet, and 40 percent said that one-click buying options made it more likely for them to make purchases with their device. We see big things on the horizon for mobile payments.”