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Mobile Minutes: Microsoft’s app-building service; BT returns to mobile market; Twitter’s quality filter; 3D scanning

azure 185Microsoft Corp. unveils streamlined app-building service, backed by the cloud
Microsoft Corp. has a new service to help Web developers build Web and mobile apps with backing from the cloud, it announced Tuesday. The all-in-one Azure App Service ties together existing Microsoft products.
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BT returns to mobile phone market
BT is re-entering the UK’s consumer mobile phone market, with a range of 4G subscriptions. Its cheapest offer is aggressively priced at a discounted rate of £5 a month for existing BT broadband customers.
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Twitter hopes new ‘quality filter’ will help hide abusive tweets
Ever since last month when the world learned that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo really didn’t have a high opinion of the way the company dealt with abuse on the platform, his team has been rolling out update after update in a bid to improve the situation.
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3D scanning just might change your life
Using depth perception, cameras can quickly and accurately scan objects into programs that can be used for duplication via 3D printing. At Intel, the RealSense 3D camera on its as-yet-unreleased tablet works by reading infrared from two sensors, forming a depth map of a scene or an object, which is then digitized.
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