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Mobile Minutes: Facebook’s news feed controls; Twitter’s birthday feature; Spotify versus Apple; Microsoft’s Windows 10

With the tool you can prioritize friends and liked pages so that you see what you’re interested in first, not what Facebook – often wrongly – thinks you’re interested in.
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Twitter wants to celebrate your birthday
A new option unveiled this week allows a user to share their birthday with targeted audiences including the public, a user’s followers, and a more select group where “we follow each other.”
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Spotify is picking a fight with Apple over the app store
The relationship between Apple and Spotify could be headed for a rough patch after a report about e-mails from Spotify instructing its users not to buy their subscriptions through Apple’s app store.
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As Microsoft trims phone unit, Windows 10 may be its best mobile strategy yet
With the impending release of Windows 10 on July 29th, Microsoft will likely solve one of its key problems: getting developers to build apps for Windows Phone.
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