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MGM Resorts swings doors open for mobile-optimized, personalized guest services

MGM Resorts is bringing journey touch points to the forefront on mobile by implementing a new personalized service enabling visitors to explore a hotel room before booking and discover local entertainment options.

The MGM Grand Las Vegas hotel teamed up with SapientNitro to roll out the mobile-optimized site and omnichannel platform in a bid to better cater to guests’ spur-of-the-moment needs. The booking process has become more streamlined, and allows customers to reserve rooms and restaurant tables with the tap of a finger, regardless of which device they are using.

“As consumers become both more comfortable with and reliant on mobile, it’s absolutely crucial for organizations to optimize this channel,” said RJ Hilgers, managing director at SapientNitro. “MGM’s new omnichannel marketing and commerce platform makes it easier for guests to filter, find and act on the content they are looking for online or via mobile.

“The mobile channel is particularly important for guests who are already on-site at an MGM property. Visitors can reserve a restaurant table or discover and purchase tickets to entertainment with just a few simple swipes and clicks – which saves them valuable time and offers greater flexibility.”

Expanding market and wallet share
MGM Resorts is aiming to offer consumers a differentiated experience at each offsite touchpoint, including mobile and online channels. In turn, the brand believes it will ramp up market and wallet share, fuel further site engagement and drive up online bookings.

The omnichannel platform is currently in place at its MGM Grand Las Vegas property, with a full Las Vegas rollout planned by the end of 2015. The resort’s current guest service platform has been extended digitally to provide a responsive experience on mobile and present users with information based on their location and preferences.

Users will be able to more easily filter available accommodations and find relevant content. Those who are on the fence about booking a room at an MGM hotel will be able to explore it prior to booking, therefore ensuring that the room meets all of their needs.

Additionally, guests may use the platform to reserve restaurant tables, a feat that can be tricky to navigate in the crowded epicenter of Las Vegas. Visitors can also discover and buy tickets to entertainment events, regardless of their physical location or choice of device.

“While we don’t have any specific metrics to share at this time, this platform is designed to help improve the guest experience and make the booking process simpler,” Mr. Hilgers said. “To that extent, the goal is to help augment sales.”

Benefits for marketers
While MGM is hoping to curate a cohesive guest experience across all smartphones, tablets and desktops, the hotel brand is also raring to simplify the booking process for marketers of its resort properties.

Each resort currently manages its own digital experience, which makes it more difficult to offer a personalized experience to a loyal customer that prefers staying at MGM hotels regardless of which city he or she is visiting.

MGM Resorts is not the only company tapping into guest personalization services on mobile.

In September, Design Hotels was one of the latest hotel marketers to leverage mobile’s ability to upsell hotel stays via room upgrade and amenities offers shown to customers who check-in via their smartphones (see story).

Ultimately, MGM hopes to combine content and commerce into one scalable platform that manages all data and technologies while simultaneously providing a better customer experience.

“This platform was designed with the guest in mind,” Mr. Hilgers said. “Guests can now browse and book restaurants and shows when it’s convenient for them.

“This flexibility is becoming increasingly important for all consumers, but it’s absolutely vital in Las Vegas where spontaneity is key. With this platform, we can serve up the most relevant content at the right time to guests to maximize their experience at the property.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely, staff writer on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York