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Masterpass arrives in stores and messages, potentially boosting mobile payments

Mastercard, which has thrown its hat into the ring of in-store mobile payments with Masterpass arriving at bricks-and-mortar locations such as BJs and Subway, hopes to become a leader by tacking on vending machine connectivity, Cake Pay integration, messaging purchases and banking partnerships.

While Masterpass has previously been available for online and mobile purchasing, it is now leveraging smartphones and mobile devices to provide a rich, multifunctional experience that allows users to pay in-stores, via messaging and at enabled vending machines. Mastercard is partnering with banks such as Citi, Capital One and Bank of America for an integrated experience in which devices will not store credit information.

“With billions of cardholders across the globe, we are working with our issuers and merchants to ensure that we are delivering digital payments that support consumer expectations for a familiar and secure payment experience both now and in the future,” said Craig Vosburg, president of North America, Mastercard.

Masterpass mobile pay
Users of Masterpass will now have a much wider range of touch points in which they can leverage the payments service, making it convenient for any customer no matter their lifestyle. For instance, users will now be able to use Masterpass directly within bank partners’ mobile apps to pay in stores, by opening the app and allowing checkout devices to scan.

However, if a users’ bank does not participate in Masterpass they will still be able to use the payments service through Mastercard’s own platform in the future. Bank partners also have the option to create standalone app, solely for Masterpass.

Diners at the Cheesecake Factory will also be able to pay through its own unique app named Cake Pay that prompts users to check in upon arrival at a restaurant, give a code generated by the app to their server and then pay for their meal through their smartphone. Cake Pay will now integrate with Masterpass, so users will only have to click one button, Pay with Masterpass, to complete their dining purchases.

Coca-Cola and Mastercard are bringing vending machine payments into the digital age by allowing users to pay for machine purchases on their smartphone with Masterpass. A new app will detect a nearby vending machine, in which users can then select their purchase and pay via Masterpass.

Retailers such as Jet Blue will also allow users to purchase products and services via messaging. For instance, Jet Blue’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger allows users to look at flights based on text they send, and can now purchase through the one click Masterpass button.

Once users enter their credit and login information on their device, they will only have to press Pay with Masterpass to complete purchases. The financial insitution also unveiled its new branding, which will focus more on its iconic circles rather than its name text and also eliminates the capital C in MasterCard.

Masterpass movements
JetBlue originally partnered with Mastercard by attempting to ramp up sales made via the airline’s mobile app, showcasing the necessity of offering travelers multiple payment options (see more).

Pizza Hut in Asia will also soon begin to pilot a new in-store experience later this year as the first of many retailers that will link a humanoid robot to MasterCard’s MasterPass digital wallet via a smartphone, enabling customers to place and pay for orders (see more).

“The expansion of Masterpass represents an important evolution of our business. We’re packaging the intelligence and insights generated by digital payment solutions to power a wide range of merchant and consumer experiences,” Mr. Vosblurg said.