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MasterCard swipes in mobile payments for Microsoft Dynamics’ retailers

MasterCard is teaming up with Microsoft for a cloud-based mobile and online payments system rollout for the latter’s Dynamics users, highlighting opportunities for financial institutions to provide end-to-end support for CRM platforms.

MasterCard’s Simplify Commerce platform enables businesses to maximize their mobile and online revenue via easy payment integration and seamless security, technology and regulatory updates, as well as global connectivity. Microsoft Dynamics users will be able to implement the service into their business operations platforms in the coming weeks, thereby allowing a suite of retailers to employ scalable payment options optimized for smartphones.

“Simplify Commerce is all about making payments as easy and seamless as possible,” said Deborah Barta, Simplify Commerce global lead for MasterCard. “Our collaboration with Microsoft is no exception.

“With payments now available directly from AX, users save deployment time and can eliminate the need for a separate integration. They also benefit from coordinated updates from MasterCard and Microsoft, which provides access to the latest developments in the payments industry while staying in sync with the AX software.”

Simple and secure payments
MasterCard’s Simplify Commerce is a cloud-based payment platform that was designed with the intent to maximize businesses’ mobile and online sales. Microsoft Dynamics customers, which include Swarovski and Delta Airlines, will be able to merge their business operations platforms with Simplify Commerce to enhance their end-to-end planning.

Leveraging Simplify Commerce will allow brands to more easily add payments to Dynamics AX, enabling them to accept and manage call center and online payments within their existing operations.

Additionally, users will stay informed of the latest trends and developments concerning the payments industry, an imperative feature thanks to mobile’s ability to constantly revolutionize the sector with new technologies.

Simplify Commerce merchants will be able to implement coordinated updates from both MasterCard and Microsoft through the integration.

The solution can streamline their payment acceptance methods by taking payments from any device or virtual terminal, manage sales information on a digital dashboard, add MasterPass to their checkout experiences and support in-application payments on iOS and Android smartphones.

Another benefit is the platform’s ability to offer connectivity to acquirers around the world via a single connection point. Brands will be able to expand their geographic reach without encountering payments hurdles.

“Microsoft Dynamics is used by thousands of merchants around the world,” Ms. Barta said. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Simplify Commerce to help businesses gain payment efficiencies and expand their geographic footprint.”

Hassle-free selling
Microsoft recognizes that businesses require the capability to sell to customers – regardless of their location – without hassle, especially in today’s omnichannel society. Participating retailers will be able to employ more seamless commerce solutions and foster deeper customer engagement.

In the coming weeks, Simplify Commerce will roll out in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Iceland, France, Germany, Denmark, Britain, the Netherlands, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa through Microsoft AX.

It will be introduced to other international markets over time.

Seamless MasterPass integration is another perk of using the program

MasterCard has been entering into a slew of new partnerships and business support programs recently, showcasing its commitment to innovating within the digital payments space.

Six out of seven companies selected for MasterCard’s 2016 startup support program are in the mobile space, with the key areas of focus including cyber security, conversational commerce and personal money management (see story).

Meanwhile, several months ago, the brand supported stronger innovation in mobile payments technology, with an emphasis on the fashion industry, through a student competition at The New School’s Parsons School of Design that hoped to uncover new commerce solutions in wearable designs (see story).

“Mobile is increasingly the shopping channel of choice for many consumers,” Ms. Barta said. “As merchants work to meet the evolving needs of their customers, they need an ERP platform that evolves with them.

“That’s why it’s so important for an ERP platform to provide a seamless connection to payments capabilities and acquiring banks,” she said. “Microsoft has enabled this for its customers through the flexible platform from Simplify Commerce.

“Equally important is the PCI compliance relief available to AX users via Simplify’s Level 1 PCI-certified payments application as well as the ability to immediately reconcile payments to back-office functions in Microsoft Dynamics.”