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Land grocery stores leverages mobile to personalize in-store shopping

Russian supermarket chain Land has rolled out new in-store technology to enhance the grocery shopping experience with personalization and customization.

Land is leveraging two products from Synqera: a checkout tablet and an interactive kiosk at the store entrance. The technology will provide targeted relevant content to shoppers as they make their grocery purchases.

“In terms of the tough competition, being innovative is crucial for the market leaders,” said Ekaterina Savchenko Head of Marketing at Synqera LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia.

“Land is a leader in the premium grocery segment in Saint-Petersburg and pursues strategy of the highest customer service through both common hygienic factors and innovative technologies,” he said. “Personalized approach by Synqera supports Land attitude to the customer service in the best way possible.”

Land is a high-end supermarket chain with nine stores in St. Petersburg.

Enhanced supermarket
One of the Synqera technologies that Land is leveraging is a Simplate device that is used at checkout to provide relevant content at the point-of-sale.

It is meant to predict customer preferences in real-time and make relevant product recommendations to create a personalized consumer experience.

Simplate is powered by NFC and will collect and analyze real-time customer feedback via an interactive survey. Land will then leverage that data to recommend relevant products for shoppers to add to their basket.

The device will also present shoppers with in-store coupons and offers.

The second technology Land is launching is Synqera’s Loyalty Generator. The interactive kiosk will be place at the front of the store and will print out personalized product recommendations for shoppers.

It will also help shoppers find what they need and highlight special offers and promotions.

Land will be able to use data from both the Simplate and Loyalty Generator to gather data on customer profile analysis, individual shopping history, time of the day and day of the week.

It will then be able to put together shopping lists for consumers based on predictive analytics. Land will also be able to include recommendations and provide real-time information on the products, pricing and offers.

Additionally, Land will be able to offer themed recipes with recommendations for ingredients.

The supermarket chain also plans to integrate loyalty into the new solution.

According to a Synqera survey from April, 66 percent of consumers would shop in the store that offered a personalized shopping experience, and 85 percent would like to get information from retailers about special offers for the items they have previously purchased.

Land will be able to meet both of these goals with the new solution.

“Both of [the in-store products] use Synqera data analysis for prediction of products relevant to the customer: It targets the content based on the analysis of customer loyalty card data,” Mr. Shubin said.

“Though, they manage different stages of the sales circle: Loyalty Generator bring personalized experience to the store entrance, leveraging upsale tools such as personalized coupons, recipes and shopping lists just before the shopping start; while Simplate – to the checkout, working for customer loyalty and retention,” he said.

“Synqera provides a unqiue personalization to improve customer experience. [The] benefits [are]: Increase sales opportunities with in-store coupons and targeted offers; collect customer insights; visualize loyalty program; broadcast targeted in-store advertising; roll-out partnership programs; integrate e-store and e-service to physical store; entertain customers with interactive content and make them smile.”

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York