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Kahuna introduces RevIQ to combat mobile shopping cart abandonment

Marketing automation company Kahuna is introducing RevIQ to brands and marketers looking to implement a solution that combats mobile shopping cart abandonment by determining the right type of push notification to send to consumers. and are two of the brands that are already leveraging Kahuna’s previous mobile marketing automation solutions to maximize sales and boost use of their mobile applications. With over 70 percent of online and mobile shopping carts abandoned prior to checkout, Kahuna focuses on determining the right message to send to consumers and discovering the right time to send it.

“If marketers want to do cart fulfillment optimally, they can just check a box,” said Adam Marchick, CEO of Kahuna, Palo Alto, Calif. “We understand the best time at the person level and application level to follow up with customers.

“What’s so critical about that is that it’s person-based and application-based. Rather than making the marketer guess and hope it works, we apply data science to automatically help them send that perfect message to customers.”

Advanced research
Kahuna individually tests consumers from each brand it works with to fulfill the three axis of RevIQ’s solution: which device to target, what message to send and when to optimally send that message to resonate with customers.

“Knowing which device is the right device at the right time is really important,” Mr. Marchick said.

Consumers are more likely to be browsing on smartphones in the morning and shopping by tablet in the evening, which provides a reference point for selecting the best time to send a push notification. Once customers place items in their virtual cart, the company will send messages to groups of individuals at various intervals to discover when they respond most favorably.

An example of Kahuna’s test messages

Several test messages that Kahuna sends include reminding users of their abandoned product, pushing the fear of missing out on the diminishing inventory of an item and sending a discount code if the consumer agrees to purchase in the next few minutes.

“The goal is optimize customer delight and revenue,” Mr. Marchick said. “We’re increasing purchase lift by 30 to 60 percent.”

Understanding customers
Kahuna’s Message Optimally platform determines which of the test messages have fared most positively, and uses  sophisticated AI, A/B testing technology and analytics to automate the process by choosing the best notification and the appropriate time to target customers.

Marketers will therefore be able to understand their shoppers on a deeper level and can send relevant messages tailored to customers’ personal tastes.

“Customer loyalty is the number one priority,” Mr. Marchick said. “A customer gave our client Karmaloop a five-star review because of their push notifications. Each company is exploring how their customers react to varying levels of customer personalization.”

Kahuna hopes that RevIQ will allow brands and marketers to optimize trigger-based campaigns and drive high conversion rates. By understanding its consumers, a brand can determine the perfect manner of communicating with them – something that is critical in contributing to a campaign’s success.

“The mobile era in omnichannel changes everything,” Mr. Marchick said. “It’s not one-size fits all.

“For mobile, message matters because it’s a constrained device. You have to make the message count.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York