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James Allen enables mobile shopping for diamond rings

Jewelry retailer James Allen’s new  application for Apple’s iPhone and iPad lets consumers view more than 20,000 diamonds and browse engagement rings from their mobile devices.

Using the custom-built Virtual Loupe feature, the application lets shoppers inspect every diamond up close the way a jeweler does. Using the devices’ touchscreen, consumers can view any diamond’s laboratory report and compare prices using their smartphone or tablet.

“Since we are the only diamond retailer to offer high-resolution magnified images of our diamonds, the strategy behind the new app is to enable our customers to compare diamonds wherever they are,” said David Berkovits, marketing director at James Allen, New York. “The target demographics are young men and women searching for the perfect diamond set in a perfect engagement ring.

“The search usually begins online, then the couple or individual shopper might continue to a local jeweler or a mall jeweler to see and compare diamonds and rings, which are in most cases, more expensive then what you would find on,” he said.

“With the use of our new application, they no longer need to wait to get back to their computer to see the difference.”

Upscale retail app
James Allen’s Diamond application lets consumers view more than 1,000 engagement rings.

The 3HD Player feature presents a range of engagement rings in a high-definition display.

When shoppers find a ring they like, they can connect to their store to get further information, contact customer service or make a purchase.

Using James Allen’s new app, consumers can peruse a selection of loose diamonds, locate their inherent flaws and know their exact price, without having to purchase a diamond sight unseen.

Consumers can also use the application to compare prices to make sure they are getting the best deal.

James Allen understands that a customer must feel 100 percent confident in what he or she is buying. That is why the retailer decided to focus the application around high-res imagery of its products. claims to be the only site on the Internet that displays more than 20,000 actual diamond photos from its inventory.

The app is designed to make consumers’ shopping experience better and place an entire jewelry store in the palm of their hand.

James Allen marketing campaign for the new application includes social marketing through Facebook and Twitter, as well as a media buy with banners promoting the app both online and on mobile devices.

“One of the more interesting tactics for this launch is a huge giveaway, where the winner will be announced through the app’s push notification…so don’t disable your notification,” Mr. Berkovits said.

Final Take
James Allen engagement rings