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HomeAdvisor ensures customer faith with new Apple Watch app

The Web site’s new Apple Watch application integrates with users’ iPhones to instantly connect consumers with professionals in their area based on preference, needs and ratings. The app coincides with the brand’s goal to offer the most stress free methods in updating your home, but it may not be necessary.

“This is another time when we can question whether there is a use case,” said Jeff Hasen, founder and CEO of Gotta Mobilize, Seattle.

Faster connection
HomeAdvisor’s Apple Watch app calculates compatible local home improvement professional for consumers through factors such as availability, proximity, customer evaluations and user preference. The app provides users an option compared to the Apple Watch default to Yelp, which does not consider availability and preference.

The service’s Instant Connect Technology uses all this information and connects users to professional in a short time period.

The Web site is looking to be the go-to source for consumers interested in renovating their home or any home project. The Apple Watch is one of the many channels it is using to access these users.

To use the service, users can be connected to a professional in a two-step process. Customers input what service they are looking for and confirm to be connected to an expert to make an appointment in under a minute.

Local professionals are keen to get involved with the service as it gives consumers a sense of security in its services, after a background check and confirmation of the appropriate licenses.

Apple Watch utilization
This is only one of a slew of brands embracing the Apple Watch. Although many home improvement services have not been seen, it is clear that brand and retailers want to be involved in this new platform.

Starbucks, Target and a plethora of other brands are marshaling mobile applications for the Apple Watch as the long-awaited wearable shipped in April, offering the potential for new engagement and commerce opportunities (see more).

Also, At Bat added Apple Watch users to its target audience on Major League Baseball’s official mobile application for the 2015 season, providing fans with vital scores, statistics and content to enhance engagement with the sport (see more).

Although the Apple Watch is a new frontier that many users and brands are excited to take advantage of, it may be unnecessary for every brand and retailer to jump into. It is important to develop content that is relevant to the Apple Watch and Apple Watch user.

“Everything seemingly offered here is accessible via an iPhone app or mobile website,” Mr. Hasen said. “The brand can say that it is the first, but fulfilling a need? I’m not so sure.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily