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Webinar on Jan. 23: Mobile holiday recap: What worked, what didn’t and lessons learned

The 2012 holidays marked a turning point in the history of mobile commerce with more shopping activities conducted on smartphones and tablets than in years past. This free, hour-long webinar tracks mobile commerce’s progress over the holidays, lessons learned, left-field surprises and best practice for 2013.

Retailers and marketers used mobile commerce channels to drive sales to stores, mobile destinations or online. Indeed, retailers pulled out all the stops – mobile commerce, SMS, QR codes, banner ads, rich media, search, mobile Web, apps. promotions, price comparison, games and video – to attract holiday-oriented consumers on mobile.

“Without doubt, the 2012 holiday season proved that mobile is here to stay, not just as another medium, but as an increasingly key starting point for the entire searching, researching, shopping and buying process,” said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief of Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer, New York.

“Retailers are steadily convincing customers and prospects that mobile shopping is as convenient as other channels, if not more so,” he said. “What this holiday season will show is mobile’s key influencing role in driving traffic to all destinations, including in-store, mobile and online. Mobile is becoming the ultimate shopping catalyst.”

So how did retailers and brands target consumers in the 2012 holiday season with their mobile commerce efforts? What would they not do again and what would they repeat? What surprised them most?

To answer key issues, Mobile Commerce Daily has put together a free webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET with participation from PM Digital and Yankee Group.

Mobile Commerce Daily associate reporter Lauren Johnson will moderate.

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Mobile holiday recap: What worked, what didn’t and lessons learned

Date and time
Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET


A recap of how brands and retailers incorporated mobile commerce strategy over the 2012 holidays, what went right and what could have been done better, surprises encountered and best practice for 2012.


What was the biggest surprise this past holiday season for mobile commerce?
? What did retailers and marketers get right with mobile commerce in the 2012 holidays?
? Retailers and brands that took full advantage of mobile commerce during the holiday season
? Popular holiday mobile strategies to drive mobile commerce sales. Tactics and channels that work and do not work
? The role of showrooming and price comparison this holiday season
? Lessons learned from 2012
? Best-practice tips

Suzy Sandberg, president of global services, PM Digital
Boris Metodiev, analyst, Yankee Group

Lauren Johnson, associate reporter, Mobile Commerce Daily

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