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H&M ups its mobile repertoire with in-app rewards

H&M is running a campaign in apps such as MTV News that incorporate video to let consumers learn more about the items featured in the brand’s current TV spot. H&M has tested a variety of different initiatives in the past to drive in-store traffic and sales.

“Mobile rewards are a complement to a loyalty program,” said Steve Timpson, president of SiteMinis, Atlanta.

“There is normally a faster response rate through the mobile device and mobile reward programs can impact a customers choice of retailer, product or choice to buy now,” he said.

“Ultimately the use of mobile rewards is to increase consumer shop frequency  and total basket spend.”

Mr. Timpson is not associated with H&M. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

H&M did not respond to press inquiries.

How it works
When consumers open certain mobile apps, a message along the bottom of the screen prompts them that they have unlocked an achievement. The in-app rewards are powered by Session M.

Users can then tap the message to redeem their points, which prompts a pop-up sponsored message from H&M to load.

By watching a video, consumers can unlock an additional 20 mPoints, which is Session M’s currency.

Users can then watch H&M’s Super Bowl spot from this year that features David Beckham and is directed by Guy Ritchie. The video is one minute and 30 seconds long.

Once the video finishes, a users’ account is credited and they can view their points in the Session M reward store.

Alternatively, users can click through on the video to be directed to a campaign-specific landing page on H&M’s mobile site where they can view the David Beckham items for themselves.

H&M’s mobile site is not commerce-enabled, which might be helpful to let consumers buy the products that they viewed in the video. Nonetheless, the initiative helps H&M build brand awareness and adds some digital interaction to the brand’s TV spot.

Mobile retail
This is not the first time that H&M has used mobile to promote its David Beckham collection.

Last year, the brand ran location-based mobile ads that used Instagram for a scavenger hunt that encouraged consumers to find statues of David Beckham in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and ultimately drive in-store traffic (see story).

H&M also recently used a mobile app sponsorship to connect with consumers.

H&M was the launch advertiser on the DailyCandy Scout mobile app.

The app challenged consumers to upload a picture of their best fashion pose. The winner received a $500 H&M shopping trip.

Additionally, the brand ran in-app banner ads (see story).

In this case, H&M is showing that it is thinking outside the box on mobile.

In-app gaming has been gaining traction for a while now as a tactic for marketers to reach a group of highly engaged users.

“There will be an increase in mobile loyalty and reward programs in the near term,” Mr. Timpson said.

“How well these types of programs do will depend a lot on the business itself,” he said.

“Loyalty reward programs can be quite effective, but only if the company presenting these programs becomes sophisticated at customer-centric marketing. The better the consumer information,and the more tailored the offers are the more rewards programs will improve the customers’ desire to frequent a business. Mobile rewards is another just arrow in marketing’s quiver.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York