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Grubhub updates app with preordering and map search functions

Grubhub is making mobile ordering even easier for consumers with a tight schedule thanks to the introduction of preordering, express reordering and a new map-based search function.

The new features are all intoruduced in an update to Grubhub’s mobile application. The features are also available on the mobile and desktop Web site.

“At Grubhub, we are constantly creating new features to meet our diners’ ever-evolving needs,” said Sudev Balakrishnan Senior Vice President of Product, Grubhub. “Today’s trio of new features allow diners to more easily find the food they want from their favorite local restaurants, either instantly or days in advance, to fit their busy schedule.”

As the platform through which many consumers order lunch, dinner and other meals, Grubhub knows that making the process of ordering food seamless and quick is imperative to keeping customers loyal – especially with competitors vying for their attention.

The brand also knows that many of its customers order from work or otherwise make purchases around certain times of the day.

To accommodate for this, the newest update to Grubhub’s mobile app gives users the ability to preorder a meal up to 120 hours in advance.

Customers can change their order or add to it at any time between the time they place the order and receiving confirmation that it is on its way.

With this feature, customers with tight schedules or who have commitments throughout the day, such as parents, can schedule their meals in advance, when they are free, so they are not bothered later when they are in crunch time.

In this way, Grubhub is hoping to appeal to busy consumers who might otherwise grab something from the closest convenience store or even skip lunch all together, and enticing them to make a purchase early that can be delivered later.

Another new feature lets customers reorder a previous order with minimal fuss just by hitting a few buttons on the Grubhub app. This is another way that consumers can quickly order food when other commitments are taking up their attention.

Finally, the app also now lets users search locally with a map-based search view. Customers can view a map of where they are from the Grubhub app and then filter their search results to only show locations that are within that area.

Consumers who use map-based search can also see where exactly a location is, giving a better estimate of when the food will arrive once ordered.

Grubhub has ensured that mobile communication between its customers and partnering restaurants is as seamless as possible in order to take advantage of these new features. Recently, the company introduced a mobile suite of products for restaurants to use to keep track of their Grubhub orders, making the connection between the two even smoother.

Grubhub is banking on the versatility of its mobile app to drive up customer engagement and to make the purchasing process easy and exciting. These new features are the brand’s next step in that direction.