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Grubhub cooks up restaurant efficiency via in-house omnichannel platform

Grubhub is cementing its status as a mobile leader in the food and beverage industry by rolling out an in-restaurant technology tool – usable on any mobile, tablet or desktop device – that employees can leverage to manage menus, review finances and process orders.

The delivery service’s GrubCentral platform was designed to enhance efficiency and functionality for restaurateurs, particularly those wanting to update their offerings in real-time. The platform’s debut could also convince new restaurant partners to join forces with Grubhub, which has maintained its stake in the competitive market by allowing users to order from a plethora of local eateries instead of just one chain.

“We are always looking for new ways to make the lives of our restaurant partners easier,” Lindsey Ruthen, associate, media relations at Grubhub. “After hundreds of hours of research, spending time with restaurants of all sizes, it was clear that our new product would need to be available from any device, anywhere.

“With that in mind, we designed a user interface that was easy to use from a phone, computer or tablet,” she said. “This works especially well for restaurants that have limited counter space, and it’s also helpful for owners to check their Grubhub financials from a back office, while the front of house staff can continue to manage the Grubhub orders that are coming through.”

Improving on previous incarnations
The GrubCentral platform was also created to provide users with improvements over Grubhub’s previous in-house restaurant technology tool, an Android application called OrderHub, that enabled restaurants to manage online orders.

Restaurant owners and employees can opt to use a Grubhub-issued tablet to take advantage of GrubCentral, a Web browser or their own device. This lets in-house personnel manage important information while on-the-go, whether they are helping customers front of house or crunching numbers in the back office.

GrubCentral users can also create and modify menus in real-time, a feat that gives them added flexibility when including daily specials and limited-time promotions.

Additionally, dining establishments’ owners can view real-time status updates on delivery drivers’ locations, as well as map tracking. This enables restaurants to have a better idea of when orders need to be prepared.

Owners can also use GrubCentral to connect with drivers if any issues arise.

Currently, more than 2,000 restaurants – including EJ’s Luncheonette in New York – are leveraging the GrubCentral platform.

Continued spotlight on mobile
Grubhub’s new in-restaurant technology platform rollout comes on the heels of a fruitful year in digital commerce for the company, which has been placing a bigger focus on mobile ordering.

Last year, GrubHub’s acquisition of two mobile-optimized delivery services, DiningIn and Restaurant on the Run, pointed to the company’s growing focus on ramping up mobile-enabled ordering (see story).

Also, an executive from GrubHub at Mobile Marketer’s Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2016 explained that the growing adoption of mobile delivery is being driven by big name quick-service restaurants, paving the way for growth at GrubHub (see story).

Ultimately, Grubhub may convince a plethora of new restaurant partners to join its ranks after the GrubCentral rollout, especially if dining establishments find that the tool augments bottom-line sales and enhances customer service.

“Efficiency is key in the restaurant industry, as is mobility; tablet technology provides both, and will continue to help move the restaurant industry forward,” Ms. Ruthen said. “When we introduced the first in-house restaurant technology, OrderHub, in 2012 we saw tablet technology become an industry standard for managing online orders.

“We are excited to be raising the bar even higher with the introduction of GrubCentral.”